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21 February 2013

IDEX 2013 - Mubadala Showcases Defense-Related Companies

Seven Mubadala group companies, the Abu Dhabi-based investment and development company, operating in the defence sector are showcasing their contributions to the UAE Armed Forces. The Mubadala defence-related network delivers technical, training and project management expertise across aviation, maritime, and ground-based platforms.

The participating Mubadala group companies comprise:  Al Taif Technical Services, Bayanat for Mapping & Surveying Services (Bayanat), Injazat Data Systems, Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Company (AMMROC), Horizon Flight Academy, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) and Abu Dhabi Ship Building.With Emiratization at the heart of their development strategies, the companies are committed to creating thousands of jobs for UAE Nationals by 2017.  By offering training and career opportunities for UAE Nationals, Mubadala is supporting the development of the next generation of Emirati scientists, engineers and technicians across the spectrum of its defense-related businesses.

“Mubadala’s defense-related companies are supporting the UAE Armed Forces’ drive to focus on their core operations through the creation of a sustainable, networked and commercially-viable system. By forming new international partnerships, the companies will also increase their range of service offerings to regional customers,” said Homaid Al Shemmari, Executive Director, Mubadala Aerospace.

مبادلة تشارك في آيدكس 2013 بمجموعة شركاتها العاملة في القطاع الدفاعي

أبوظبي، 11 فبراير 2013: كشفت شركة المبادلة للتنمية ش.م.ع (مبادلة)، شركة الاستثمار و التنمية التي تتخذ من أبوظبي مقراً لها، اليوم عن تفاصيل مشاركتها في معرض آيدكس 2013، الذي سيقام خلال الفترة من 17 إلى 21 فبراير الجاري في مركز أبوظبي الوطني للمعارض. و قد أعلنت مبادلة عن مشاركة سبعٍ من الشركات المملوكة لها والعاملة في القطاع الدفاعي، حيث ستستعرض هذه الشركات مساهماتها في دعم القوات المسلحة الإماراتية، و مجموعة خدماتها و خبراتها في مجالات الدعم الفني و التدريب و إدارة المشاريع في قطاعات الطيران و الدفاعات البحرية و البرية.

و تشمل قائمة الشركات التابعة لمجموعة مبادلة و المشاركة في المعرض كلاً من الطيف للخدمات الفنية، و بيانات للخدمات المساحية (بيانات)، و إنجازات لنظم البيانات، و المركز العسكري المتطور للصيانة و الإصلاح و العمرة (أمرك)، و أكاديمية أفق للطيران، و شركة الياه للاتصالات الفضائية (ياه سات)، و شركة أبوظبي لبناء السفن.

و تمثل عمليات التوطين أولوية مهمة بالنسبة للشركات التابعة لمبادلة، حيث تلتزم هذه الشركات بتوفير آلاف فرص العمل المتصلة بالقطاع الدفاعي للكوادر الإماراتية بحلول عام 2017. و يُبرز هذا الالتزام

سعي مبادلة المستمر لتهيئة أفضل مجالات التدريب و التطوّر الوظيفي للمواطنين، حيث تدعم الشركة و تشجّع عمليات تطوير قدرات و مهارات الشباب الإماراتي في مجالات العلوم و الهندسة و التكنولوجيا عبر طيف عملياتها في قطاع الدفاع.

و بهذه المناسبة، صرح حميد الشمري، المدير التنفيذي لوحدة مبادلة لصناعة الطيران: "تعد شركات مبادلة العاملة في قطاع الدفاع من الجهات المساهمة في دعم جهود القوات المسلحة الإماراتية للتركيز على عملياتها الأساسية، و ذلك من خلال إنشاء نظام من المشاريع المترابطة ذات العوائد التجارية المستدامة. كما تسعى هذه الشركات لإبرام شراكات عالمية جديدة من شأنها توسيع نطاق خدماتها ومنتجاتها المتطورة لقاعدة عملائها الإقليميين".

IDEX 2013 - New Horizons for Rubb

A respected UAE flight school has unveiled three new helicopter hangars to support its expanding business.

Rubb Buildings won an order to provide three 23.4x36m steel and aluminium hybrid EFASS structures to Horizon Flight Academy.

Hareb Thani Hareb Al Dhaheri, Horizon Chief Executive Officer said: “We chose Rubb for their reputation in design, development and deployment of temporary hangars. The installation of our hangars was speedy and efficient, the project was completed on time and as promised.”

The EFASS shelter system, which features hangars, sunshades and warehouses, is suitable for the storage and maintenance of aviation equipment and operations. The system is designed to be rapidly deployed and quickly erected anywhere in the world. (Photos: Rubb)

The high flying academy is based at Al Ain International Airport and has been purpose built for flight training. It has set the benchmark for pilot training in the Middle East, offering fixed wing and helicopter pilot courses.

Its fleet includes Cessna 172SP, Diamond DA42, Bell 206 and Bell 407 aircraft and flight simulators. The hangars will be used for the storage and maintenance of the fleet helicopters.

Horizon first viewed Rubb’s state-of-the-art hangar system at IDEX 2011 in Abu Dhabi and the relationship grew from there. The Horizon team visited Rubb’s manufacturing plant in Gateshead, UK, and personnel from Rubb travelled to Al Ain to assist with site assessments and oversee the installation of the structures.

Rubb is promoting its Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) on Stand C6-002, at IDEX.

IDEX 2013 - Caracal Pyrotechnics Non-Lethal Ammunition

Caracal Light Ammunition (CLA),  one of the UAE's home-grown armaments companies, launched Caracal Pyrotechnics to cater to the so-called non-lethal ammunition demands of law enforcement and national security organisations across the country.

Caracal is a unit of Tawazun, a holding company born out of the UAE's offset programme that works to build joint ventures between international defence contractors and UAE-based companies. Caracal Pyrotechnics has two partners - one a UAE-based investor called MP3 International and NewCo Safety Technology from Germany.

Caracal Pyrotechnics is planning to manufacture signal cartridges, screening smoke, stun grenades and coloured smoke among other non-lethal munitions.

Its entire product line will be manufactured at Caracal Light Ammunition's Abu Dhabi factory located within the Tawazun Industrial Park on the outskirts of the city.

Mohammed Al Ghafli, the General Manager of CLA, said: "The creation of this new division is yet another step in our developmental strategy and overall aim to diversify the range of our offerings. At CLA, we are keen to observe the trends in the marketplace, listen to the demands of our international clients and deliver world-class, UAE-made products."

IDEX 2013 - GA-ASI Exhibits Full-Scale Model Of PREDATOR XP

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA ASI)  a leading manufacturer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), tactical reconnaissance radars, and EO surveillance systems, has a significant presence at at three different locations at IDEX: Unmanned Systems Area, NAVDEX Marina (PREDATOR XP Full-scale Model); Unmanned Systems Area, Stand #U-013  (GA-ASI Booth); and in the Main Exhibit Hall, Stand #05-A20 (IGG Pavilion).    

With significant interest from the UAE and other countries in Predator XP’s long-endurance and wide-area surveillance capabilities, IDEX presents the ideal venue for the debut of our Predator XP full-scale model,” said Frank W. Pace, President, Aircraft Systems Group, GA-ASI.

At IDEX 2011, GA-ASI announced a working relationship with International Golden Group (IGG), a leading supplier of integrated defence systems in the Middle East, to offer PREDATOR XP to meet the surveillance needs of the UAE government. Discussions between the three parties are continuing. In addition, GA-ASI is also in conversation with the Abu Dhabi-based Tawazun Economic Council and other local companies on developing a Joint Venture (JV) for long-term service and support of PREDATOR XP in the UAE.

An updated version of GA-ASI’s flagship PREDATOR, PREDATOR XP offers improved Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and has been licensed by the US Government to be proposed for sale to a broader customer base, including countries in the Middle East and North Africa. PREDATOR XP exhibits the same physical dimensions, altitude, speed, and long endurance (up to 35 hours) as the proven “RQ-1” PREDATOR A aircraft.  

PREDATOR XP has been updated to include triple-redundant avionics, an Automatic Takeoff and Landing System (ATLS), GA-ASI’s LYNX Multi-mode Radar with Maritime Wide Area Surveillance (MWAS), High-Definition Electro-optic video, an improved CLAW sensor control and image analysis software system, an Automatic Identification System (AIS), and a more efficient propulsion system.  

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, an affiliate of General Atomics, delivers situational awareness by providing RPA, radar, and EO solutions for military and commercial applications worldwide. The company’s Aircraft Systems Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of proven, reliable RPA systems, including PREDATOR A, PREDATOR B, GRAY EAGLE, and the new PREDATOR C AVENGER® and PREDATOR XP. It also manufactures a variety of solid-state digital Ground Control Stations (GCS), including the next-generation Advanced Cockpit GCS, and provides pilot training and support services for RPA field operations. The Reconnaissance Systems Group designs, manufactures, and integrates the LYNX Multi-mode Radar and sophisticated CLAW sensor control and image analysis software into both manned and remotely piloted aircraft. It also develops and integrates other sensor and communication equipment into manned ISR aircraft and develops emerging technologies in solid-state lasers, electro-optic sensors, and ultra-wideband data links for government applications.

IDEX 2013 - FLIR Systems Exhibiting Innovation for the Middle Easter Market

FLIR Systems continues to be a leading force in threat detection capabilities and presented its innovative technologies during IDEX 2013.
(Photos: DPM)

FLIR Systems exhibited of the Mobile Surveillance Capability (MSC), a vehicle-based long range detection system integrating the TacFLIR 380-HD and radar surveillance into a mobile C2 centre using FLIR’s COMMANDSPACE Adaptive C2 software. This seamless integration provides the soldier a “one-button to detection” capability deploying a mission-ready system in less than 8-minutes. This mobile solution was developed with US Customs and Border Protection as part of the MSC contract awarded in 2010.

Also new to this market was KRAKEN, aka Combat Outpost Surveillance and Force Protection System (COSFPS), developed for the US Army to protect deployed forces in forward areas. Currently deployed to Afghanistan, this complete force protection suite, operational within minutes of deployment, includes a containerized sensor suite, power and communications infrastructure which also uses the COMMANDSPACE Adaptive C2 architecture. KRAKEN provides integrated passive self-protection technologies that include perimeter and lighting cameras, shot detection system and unattended ground sensors (UGS).

The CommandSpace Cerberus was also exhibited; a vehicle-based platforms to provide mobile surveillance capabilities to detect, identify, and track items of interest over long ranges. These vehicle-based, tower-mounted surveillance solutions provide inherent mobility in a self-contained system for ease of deployment and relocation. Maintenance requirements are minimised as most required tasks can be done without tools. All CommandSpace Cerberus, vehicle-based solutions are ruggedised to meet harsh, real-world environments and deployment scenarios over rough terrain.

IDEX 2013 - Middle East Debut for Paramount MARAUDER

With a number of challenging issues facing the Middle East, the Paramount Group is confident it can provide solutions, and has these on show at the IDEX 2013 defence exhibition.

Included in its portfolio is the MARAUDER Patrol that makes its regional debut at the Abu Dhabi exhibition.

(Photos: AF)

It is particularly well suited to police and Special Forces needing an agile and speedy response vehicle for use in tough environments while providing protection from grenades and AK-47 rounds,” Paramount Executive Chairman Ivor Ichikowitz said.

Expanding on the group’s decision to use IDEX as a major showcase for its products he said that, “A lot has happened in the Middle East with the Arab Spring and the war in Syria dominating international headlines last year and there are still many challenging security issues in the region. In particular, governments there are faced with the triple challenge of monitoring long and porous borders, fighting terrorism and controlling civil unrest, often simultaneously. Each of these challenges requires a tailored response and our range of solutions are designed to meet the diverse challenges of security in the region.”

Apart from the MARAUDER, Paramount also has the MAVERICK (for internal security), the MBOMBE (for advanced infantry combat) and the South African designed AHRLAC for reconnaissance on show at the massive military and defence exhibition in the United Arab Emirates city.

IDEX 2013 - UAE Fighting Vehicles

(Photos: AF)

IDEX 2013 - Jam’rah Military Cooking Fuel

Jam’rah are delighted to launch their new innovative Military Field Cooking Fuel on stand C18 to Bay 09 part of the UKTI stand , hall 5.

Jam’rah Military Cooking Fuel is a newly developed sustainable fuel, specifically for Military Field
Cooking. The unique formulation, using the latest technologies and naturally derived biofuel, makes
it a highly efficient alternative to more traditional options such as Hexamine, gas and alcohol gels.

Jam’rah Military Cooking Fuel can be used to heat water for drinking and cooking ration packs in all
weather conditions, ranging from desert, jungle and arctic. Jam’rah Military Cooking Fuel works well
with many existing military stoves to the benefit of both soldiers and pressurised military budgets.
When tested, the individually wrapped Military Fuel cubes outperformed other available fuels as well as
meeting weight and environmental criteria.

Jam’rah Military Cooking Fuel is air transportable and can be produced to bespoke functionality and
form to meet individual military requirements or existing stoves.

إطلاق حصري – وقود الطھي العسكري الجديد جمرة

وقود الطھي العسكري الجديد جمرة ھو وقود تم تطويره حديثاً وبوجه خاص من أجل الطھي العسكري الميداني. تركيبته الفريدة
تستخدم أحدث التقنيات وھو وقود حيوي مستخلص طبيعياً مما يجعله بديلاً ذا كفاءة أعلى من الخيارات التقليدية مثل الھكسامين
والغاز والمواد الھلامية الكحولية.
وقود الطھي العسكري الجديد جمرة يتميز بالخصائص التالية:
قوي 
وزنه خفيف 
غير سام 
مضاد للماء 
ينقل جو اً 
آمن للبيئة 
يمكن استخدام وقود الطھي العسكري الجديد جمرة لتسخين الماء للشرب وطھي حصص الطعام في جميع الظروف المناخية بدءاً من
الصحراء حتى الغابات والمناطق القطبية. يعمل وقود الطھي العسكري الجديد جمرة مع العديد من الأفران العسكرية الموجودة فعلياً
ويستفيد منه كل من الجنود والميزانيات العسكرية المضغوطة.
أثبت اختبار مكعبات الوقود العسكري المغلف فردياً أن ھذا الوقود يوفر أداءً أفضل من أنواع الوقود الأخرى المتاحة فضلاً عن الوفاء
بمعايير الوزن والبيئة. خلال الاختبارات الميدانية التي أجريت حديثاً تلقى وقود الطھي العسكري الجديد جمرة ردود الفعل التالية:
"في الظروف المناخية السيئة يكون من الصعب إشعال ھكسي. ولكن الوقود الجديد يشتعل بدون مشاكل مما جعل الجميع يرحبون
. به" رقيب – الجيش البريطاني. يولية 2012
"وقود خفيف الوزن ويدخل بسھولة في جيوبنا أو حقائب ظھورنا وأھم شيء ھو أنه لا يصيبنا بالغثيان وليس ساماً للجنود أو للبيئة"
. نقيب – الجيش البريطاني. يولية 2012
يمكن نقل وقود الطھي العسكري الجديد جمرة جواً كما يمكن إنتاجه وفقاً للوظائف والأشكال المطلوبة منه ليفي بالمتطلبات العسكرية
الفردية أو الأفران الموجودة فعلي اً.
. 23 فبراير 2013 - يسعد جمرة إطلاق وقود الطھي العسكري المبتكر في معرض إيدكس في الشرق الأوسط من 17

IDEX 2013 - Fincantieri Delivers two Ships to the UAE Navy

On 8 January, Fincantieri delivered, at the Muggiano shipyards, two new ships to the UAE Navy: the ABU DHABI corvette, ordered in 2009 and launched in February 2011, and the GHANTUT OPV, ordered with the sister ship SALAHAH in January 2010 and launched in January 2012.

Delivery ceremony of two vessels for the United Arab Emirates Navy was held today at the Fincantieri shipyard in Muggiano (La Spezia). In the presence of Rear Admiral Ibrahim Salem Mohamed Al-Musharrakh, Head of the UAE Navy, Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli, Italian Navy Chief of Staff, who was represented on this occasion by Vice Admiral Alberto Gauzolino, Logistic Support and Light houses Inspector, Vice Admiral Andrea Toscano, Commander in Chief Northern Tyrrhenian Sea Department Italian Navy, Vice Admiral Ernesto Nencioni, Director for Naval Armaments and Alberto Maestrini, Fincantieri Executive Senior Vice President Naval Vessels, the ceremony began with the characteristic recitation of the Qur'an in accordance with the dictates of Islam.

The ABU DHABI corvette, representing an evolution of the Italian Navy CIGALA FULGOSI-class OPVs, is 88m long, 12m wide, and has a 1,65t displacement full loaded, a 25kts maximum speed and a range at 14kts of over 3,000 m, thanks to its two 7,000kW diesel engines. Crew accommodation is provided for about 70 persons. The corvette also has a flight deck and hangar for one small-to-medium sized helicopter and its armament includes an Oto Melara SUPER RAPIDO 76/62 mm gun turret and two Oto Melara MARLIN 30 mm gun turret. The advanced SELEX ES produced electronic equipment includes a new multi-role KRONOS 3D radar, an ATHENA C2 system, a NA-30 S fire control system, a SIR-M IFF interrogator, and a MEDUSA Mk-48 electro-optic system.

Intended to mainly carry out patrol and surveillance tasks, but also employable for ASW, AA and ASuW activities, the ABU DHABI can share tactical data in real time with other ships, helicopters and land-based centres, as well as to provide support and shelter to the helicopters of the Emirates Navy.

The stealth OPV GHANTUT, belonging to the FALAJ 2 programme covering two ships (the sister ship SALAHAH was launched  on last June), plus two more as an option, likely to be built locally, has e full loaded displacement of 600t, 5 m length, 8.80m width, can reach a maximum speed of 20kts, and has a crew of 29 men.

The armament includes an Oto Melara SUPER RAPIDO 76/62 gun turret in an even more advanced stealth version, thanks to the new turret shell made in carbon fibre, providing for the gun barrel enclosure within a dedicated bay when the gun is not used. In addition to the gun, the patrol vessel also has two Oto Melara HITROLE G stealth turrets armed with one 12.7 mm GAU-19 rotating barrel machine-gun each. The electronic suite provided by SELEX ED includes several components also present on the ABU DHABI corvette, including the KRONOS 3D radar, the ATHENA C2 system and the NA-30 S fire control system.

IDEX 2013 - Eurocopter Highlights its 30 Years of Commitment in the Middle East Region

At IDEX, Eurocopter is showcasing more than three decades of experience acquired in the military helicopter sector. Benefiting from its wide diversity of rotary- wing aircraft and their ability to adapt to a broad spectrum of missions, Eurocopter’s product line represents a benchmark – with operational uses ranging from reconnaissance, identification and tracking to deterrence, escort, attack, rescue and survey and troop transportation. The company military capabilities and expertise are displayed at the EADS booth in Hall 8, stand B05 with mock-ups of the NH90 in the naval version, the AS565 PANTHER and the EC145T2.

(Photo: Eurocopter)

Currently more than 650 Eurocopter helicopters fly in the Arab world, with more than 80% of them for military use. Eurocopter is supporting the region's Armed Forces for missions including combat, transport, SAR, counter-terrorism, special missions and training. Eurocopter also remains active in providing support to its customers, thanks to a maintenance centre in the UAE with long-standing partner Falcon Aviation Services (FAS). Through an operating agreement that was renewed last month, this centre provides full maintenance and revision services, reinforcing the company’s customer support network in the region and supplementing Eurocopter’s platform in Abu Dhabi. In addition, a Eurocopter technical office has been opened in Islamabad for the daily support of its long-standing customers in Pakistan. 

In a region where loyalty and confidence are important qualities, Eurocopter will build on its proven relationship of more than 30 years with governmental, military, parapublic and civilian operators throughout the region,” explained Olivier Lambert, Eurocopter’s Senior Vice President for Sales and Customer Relations. “With a strong footprint in the Middle East, we continue to see a demand for our helicopters for military use. Equipped with the latest technology, they are able to perform all their missions in the most severe operational environment and critical situations”. 

Built by NHIndustries, a consortium formed by Eurocopter, AgustaWestland and Fokker, the NH90 is just one of the models on show. To date, 136 NH90s have been delivered to customers, including 18 NH90s in the naval version. The fleet has now clocked up more than 30,000 flight hours, mainly in SAR missions performed in especially demanding environments and also in the Afghan theatre of operations. Compatible with 80 types of NATO frigates, the naval version of the NH90 has fully demonstrated its capabilities in a wide range of missions, from reconnaissance, ship identification and tracking to rescue and transportation of passengers and troops. The first customer of the NH90 in the Middle East is the Sultanate of Oman with an order of 20 helicopters. Today, 12 NH90s have been delivered to operate especially in utility missions. 

Eurocopter’s display of the AS565 PANTHER in scale model form at IDEX underscores this helicopter’s attributes of speed and manoeuvrability for security and defence missions, with its operational credentials further enhanced by the twin-engine helicopter’s endurance, range and capabilities in overwater surveillance, tracking, and SAR. The AS565 has been proven in Middle East operations for the protection of coastlines and surveillance of offshore economic zones with countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

The EC145 T2 is Eurocopter’s evolved version of the popular twin-engine EC145, incorporating new ARRIEL 2E engines, along with the company’s FENESTRON shrouded tail rotor, upgraded main and tail rotor gear boxes, new digital avionics suite and a 4-axis autopilot. It is tailored for the Middle East’s emerging needs in law enforcement, border surveillance, medical airlift and other missions. 

The EC145 helicopter family scored a major success when it was selected by the US Army for its Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) programme, with the contract comprising nearly 350 aircraft in total. More than 250 of these helicopters, which are designated the UH-72A LAKOTA in their US Army configuration, have now been received by the customer – with all delivered on time and on cost from the production line of Eurocopter’s American Eurocopter subsidiary in the state of Mississippi. Feedback on the operational use of this fleet has been incorporated into the new T2 version now available to Armed Forces. 

Established in 1992, the Franco-German-Spanish Eurocopter Group is a division of EADS, a world leader in aerospace and defence-related services. The Eurocopter group employs approximately 22,000 people. In 2012, Eurocopter had a turnover of 6.3 billion Euros, orders for 469 new helicopters and a 44% market share in the civil and parapublic sectors. Overall, the group’s helicopters account for 33% of the worldwide civil and parapublic fleet. Eurocopter’s strong international presence is ensured by its subsidiaries and participations in 21 countries. Eurocopter’s worldwide network of service centres, training facilities, distributors and certified agents supports more than 2,900 customers. There are currently more than 11,780 Eurocopter helicopters in service in 148 countries. Eurocopter offers one of the most comprehensive civil and military helicopter ranges in the world and is fully committed to safety as the most important aspect of its business. 

IDEX 2013 - TenCate Advanced Armour Reveals Lightweight Portable NIJ Level IV Shield

TenCate Advanced Armour in collaboration with European Special Forces has developed a new generation of ultra lightweight portable anti-ballistic shields, designed to provide personnel with the best possible protection against many different types of ammunition. The new TenCate TARGA-LIGHT CX shields outperform all other shields in the market and have no portable equivalent to date on NIJ level IV, the highest rating for body armour of the US National Institute of Justice.

Traditionally, portable ballistic shields offer NIJ level III or NIJ level III plus AK47 protection. Additional level IV plates can be added to protect locally against perforating projectiles, although this drastically increases the weight and makes a shield less portable. The weight aspect is often the key reason that portable shields cannot achieve the NIJ level IV in a fully mobile version. NIJ level IV shields do exist, although they are built on frames and trolleys to allow mobility for the user.

Lightweight Portable NIJ Level IV Protection

The new TenCate Targa-light(TM) CX shields offer a full NIJ 0108.01 level IV protection thanks to its advanced composition, which also allows it to maintain its properties even after drastic dropping test procedures. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, the TenCate TARGA-LIGHT CX weights only 17.2 kg for a full level IV protection.

Steen Tanderup, Managing Director of TenCate Advanced Armour in Europe and Asia-Pacific states: “This extremely low weight protective solution is a key example of our sustainable business philosophy. It allows the user to stay mobile by carrying the shield with the specially designed personal carrying system, without the need to use a heavy-handed trolley or impractical wheels. Various advanced features have been added to our new shield, such as an ergonomic shape, the adjustable handle, shock protection, and the possible use of a periscope, a day & night camera, or night vision equipment.”

During IDEX show, TenCate Advanced Armour exhibits the TenCate TARGA-LIGHT CX solution.

TenCate Advanced Armour is a global provider of customised, lightweight ballistic protection solutions for the complete range of requirements, from personal protection through all vehicle, helicopter and aircraft applications, as well as naval vessels up to and including principal warships. TenCate Advanced Armour is a leading global supplier of a wide range of armour composite materials for ballistic protection. TenCate Advanced Armour develops and produces a portfolio of composite and ceramic materials and designs active armour solutions for the protection of Police, Army, Air Force, Navy and civilian service personnel, vehicles and vessels. TenCate Advanced Armour has facilities in Europe, Asia and North America. Royal Ten Cate (TenCate) is a multinational company that combines textile technology with chemical processes and material technology in the development and production of functional materials with distinctive characteristics. TenCate products are sold throughout the world. Systems and materials from TenCate come under four areas of application: safety and protection; space and aerospace; infrastructure and the environment; sport and recreation. TenCate occupies leading positions in protective fabrics, composites for space and aerospace, antiballistics, geosynthetics and synthetic turf. 

IDEX 2013 - Nexter Introduces New Throwbot to the Market

Nexter Robotics' NERVA throwbot, a new presentation at IDEX, includes a 360° thermal camera along with a laser rangefinder. The cameras in the NERVA are a full HD camera in the from and an analog camera in the back. The system will be propositioned soon.

(Photos: DPM)

IDEX 2013 - Textron Marine & Land Systems Introduces Two New Vehicles to its COMMANDO Family of Vehicles

Textron Marine & Land Systems (TM&LS), an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron company, at IDEX introduced the addition of two vehicles to its COMMANDO family of vehicles. The new COMMANDO Select Mortar Vehicle and COMMANDO Utility Baserunner are being shown in Booth 03-B30.

COMMANDO Utility Baserunner (Photo: Textron)

COMMANDO Select Mortar Vehicle (Photo: Textron)

Designed to meet growing requirements of international combat units for a more operationally flexible and adaptable under-armor indirect fire capability, the new COMMANDO Select Mortar Vehicle is capable of firing up to 120mm mortars from a common mount, and stowing up to 82 rounds of high explosive, illumination and smoke rounds. The vehicle is expandable to other fire control systems. The Mortar Vehicle mount also can fire at an azimuth of up to a 360-degrees and a firing elevation of 45 to 85 degrees.

Three other COMMANDO Select variants are currently being produced and fielded for the Afghanistan National Army. Like all vehicles in this line, the Mortar Vehicle exceeds MRAP levels of crew protection and takes advantage of the proven mobility and survivability of TM&LS’ COMMANDO family of armored vehicles. COMMANDO Select vehicles are easy to operate and maintain, with readily available parts, training and service support.

TM&LS’ new Baserunner 4x4 selectable gas/electric hybrid COMMANDOTM Utility vehicle is built to facilitate missions in forward and rear echelon operational environments. These vehicles perform demanding tasks with ease, allowing users to efficiently and safely complete tasks. In gas mode the Baserunner powers through rough terrain and adverse conditions while electric mode provides quiet vehicle operation.

The COMMANDO Utility vehicle line also includes the Survivable Combat Tactical VehicleTM (SCTV) System, an MRAP-style fully armored monocoque v-hull crew capsule designed to replace the crew compartment of the HMMWV in a one-for-one exchange. The SCTV is offered by Granite Tactical Vehicles Inc. and Textron Marine & Land Systems.

These vehicles offer current and potential customers the new capabilities they seek,” said Tom Walmsley, TM&LS senior vice president and general manager. “A number of international militaries have expressed a need for a Mortar vehicle that combines indirect fire capabilities with outstanding mobility and protection, while others have expressed a desire for a robust and flexible utility vehicle to support military base operations. We’re pleased to bring both to market while expanding the range of our COMMANDO vehicle lines."

IDEX 2013 - URO Introduces New Light Vehicle

URO's main activity is the design, production, assembling and after-sales service of Special Heavy Duty Off-road Vehicles and its complementary equipment, both for military purposes and civil applications.

UROVESA produces two types of Off-Road vehicles: the Tactical Truck TT URO (truck of 14 to 18t) and the High Mobility Multipurpose Light Vehicle, VAMTAC, which has so far been sold to 21 customers. VAMTAC's advantage is its full maturity and its modularity, giving the customer almost 50 variants to choose from.

VAMTAC 3.5 (Photos: DPM)

At IDEX, URO is presenting, next to its VAMTAC 3.5, the new light VAMTAC 4.5, more service  oriented, with a GVW of 4,500kg, a curb weight of 2,500kg, and 750/3,400kg max towed weight.
ZF's transmission and a Cummins engine round it up.


IDEX 2013 - Photographic Recap of Day Four