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23 April 2014

Datron Receives Purchase Order For Unmanned Aircraft Systems

US military customer has issued a contract for immediate delivery of Datron’s VTOL sUAS.

Datron World Communications, a US-based leading supplier of unmanned solutions, announced today the receipt of a purchase order from a US military customer for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS).

Our VTOL sUAS platforms are field tested and battle proven,” said Kevin J. Kane, President and CEO of Datron. “The capability being delivered with this order is setting the standard for intelligence gathering for the tactical operator.”

Small, rugged, and lightweight, these VTOL sUAS platforms are ideal for tactical users and designed to capture and transmit high quality video and images in the field. The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle has the ability to hover and stare at any point of interest. The GPS-based controller is fully software driven providing simplicity of training and a very easy to use experience for the operator.

In addition to VTOL unmanned aircraft solutions, Datron provides a comprehensive selection of reliable HF and VHF military voice and data radio products to meet the needs of customers in various locations worldwide.

Datron World Communications delivers voice and data radio communications systems worldwide. The company’s offerings enable governments, security forces, and commercial users to establish and maintain critical voice, data, and video connectivity. Known for their ease of use and reliability, Datron’s products and systems are currently deployed in over 80 countries. Datron World Communications was established in 1971 and is headquartered in San Diego, California, USA. 

15 April 2014

DSA 2014: Seen and Heard on Day Two

A privileged partner for the Malaysian Ministry of Defence, Thales offers the full scope of its defence expertise and experience through programmes for the Naval, Air and Land forces. Thales has been operating in Malaysia since 1980 and will be exhibiting a wide range of equipment in the fields of Communication, Optronics and Air operations at DSA Malaysia 2014.

Thales’s Advanced Air Defence offering is an integrated set of solutions designed to ensure timely decision-making and effective responses for the protection of military forces, key assets, nations and citizens around the globe. Thales and ThalesRaytheonSystems have developed, manufactured and supported defence systems for customers worldwide for more than 40 years. Over 300 air defence radars have been sold to 26 countries. Thales is also a supplier of integrated weapon systems, with more than 450 mobile, integrated systems in service with customers throughout the world. Its solutions include the STARStreak system, integrated on a wide range of armoured vehicle platforms. Thales’s innovations in open systems architecture are behind the development of the RAPID range of mobile integrated weapon systems, which combine sophisticated sensors, fire control software, latest-generation human-machine interfaces and a wide range of weapons, including missiles and guns. The RAPID range of weapon systems is presented at DSA, as well as the 3D Ground Master radar family.

Thales is a pioneer in optronic equipment and systems, with thousands of products in service in more than 60 countries. Working closely with its partners and end users, Thales draws on a range of advanced optronics technologies to develop imaging and image processing solutions, tailored to the precise requirements of each customer. At DSA, Thales showcases its optronic equipment aimed at evaluating critical situations at both tactical and strategic levels.

Thales proposes a broad array of communication products and solutions to provide the armed forces with the information superiority and network-centric capabilities they need. Thales offers interoperable systems and a complete range of tactical radios for all levels of command, from C2 centres to infantry in the field and for land, air and naval platforms, to meet the requirement for air-to-air, ground-to-air and surface-to-air communications. Thales is also a world leader in proven identificationsystems with the capability to provide real-time identification of friendly forces in the most demanding environments. A wide range of communication and identification systems will be exhibited on the Thales stand.

Thales, as a lead system integrator, provides interoperable, secure and critical C4ISR (Computerised, Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems for information superiority on the digitised battlespace, in order to support the decision-making process for Commander and Crew and at the tactical operational level for Defence and Army forces. C4ISR solutions for information superiority on the digitised battlespace will be on display on Thales’s stand.
Thales's technologies in naval solutions will also be presented on the stand. They include state-of-the-art naval sensor systems and a new development in integrated sensor, effector and combat management technology especially for smaller vessels.

Westar’s flagship vehicle, the GK-M1, highlights a new application whereby a Lightweight Multiple Missile Launcher may be mounted onto the vehicle with STARStreak missiles installed within the Missile Launcher. (Photo: DPM)


Defense Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the DSA exhibition would become the platform for the countries involved to coordinate their respective defense to face any likely future threats. "DSA's target is to ensure Asean is seen as a bloc that can cooperate and coordinate, in terms of the defence industry, besides focusing on issues related to new threats," he told a media conference after visiting the DSA exhibition. He said Malaysia was expected to chair the Asean Summit Conference 2015 while the solidarity cooperation among member countries in the defence and security industry would be given emphasis.

Hishammuddin said this year's event recorded the largest participation since it was first organised in 1988, involving about 1,000 defense industry companies from 50 countries compared to 850 exhibitors in 2012. He said the reduction in the defense budget was also the main element in organizing it through coordination within the Asean countries. "If we look from outside the box and see that we are facing the same threat, then the Asean countries can cooperate with each other so as not to have any wastage in the defence budget. It is important for us to find noble and creative ways to look at the defence industry and one way to do it is to look at Asean as one market," he said.

Asean's membership comprises Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Finmeccanica, through its companies AgustaWestland, Selex ES, and OTO Melara, takes part at DSA.

AgustaWestland is showcasing a full scale mock-up of the new generation AW149 medium twin multirole military helicopter on static display, and presents its comprehensive portfolio of commercial and government models.

At present, AgustaWestland has more than 300 helicopters on order between South and North East Asia by military, parapublic and commercial operators, and currently supplies Super Lynx 300 in Malaysia and Thailand, AW109 and AW109 LUH in Malaysia and the Philippines.

At DSA, Selex ES highlights solutions in the areas of air traffic management, baggage handling, secure communication and security; its Integrated Airport solution to deliver improved efficiency and enhance the passenger experience; its coastal mobile surveillance solutions which can operate autonomously or be integrated within larger coastal/border management and harbour protection systems; its mission systems, situational awareness and ISTAR products and sensors to increase land vehicle based operational capability. The company also exhibits its which includes multifunctional KRONOS naval radar based on AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) technology which can simultaneously and automatically perform surveillance, tracking, threat evaluation and fire control against multiple threats; JANUS-N field-proven, high performance multi sensor naval surveillance suite for sea patrolling; Horizon HD infrared cameras, specifically designed for long-range surveillance and target acquisition. As a major part of the Eurofighter TYPHOON programme, Selex ES is also supporting the aircraft's campaign activity at the show.

OTO Melara will display the STRALES system, the evolution of 76/62 naval artillery including a 76/62 naval gun, DART guided ammunition and a Radio Frequency Guidance System with related electronic components. This system is the most effective response to the emerging need for medium calibre naval guns, ensuring the highest level of reliability within changing scenarios in Air Defence as well as in Anti-Surface warfare. Furthermore the company showcases the sub-calibre guided projectile DART. Following a radio frequency beam, the DART guided projectile can change its trajectory and be re-vectored towards the target during its flight. The DART ammunition is very effective against manoeuvring missiles and small manouevring targets at sea, this situation is very common in current asymmetric conflicts where the security of large and expensive naval units can be jeopardized by cheap, small explosive boats. Even the family of Vulcano ammunition, including the Vulcano 76mm, is on display at DSA. It is a sub-calibre projectile that can engage a target over a 40 km distance doubling the range of a standard 76mm projectile. The Vulcano technology has been applied to a smaller calibre enhancing the capabilities of 76/62 naval guns in service with 56 Navies in the world, in order to engage targets with higher precision and minimize the risk of collateral damages.


And this year's DSA, it is the fifth time that Barrett Communication is exhibiting at and this year the company showcases tactical HF, VHF and interoperability solutions in a tactical signals detachment scenario at stand 3146 in Hall 3.

Dave Ewart, Business Development Manager commented “I know our current clients are keen to see our display and to speak with our Business Development team about how our new interoperability solutions complement our existing products and offer extended capability. I also believe all visitors, involved in tactical communications, will be engaged by the field scenario and the HF and VHF capability Barrett offers.”