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13 January 2016

DIMDEX 2016 Partners with Mönch Publishing Group for Show Daily

Mönch Publishing Group is the official producer of the Show Daily for the fifth Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX 2016) in both Arabic and English.

DIMDEX is one of the largest specialised naval defence and maritime security exhibitions in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) and is organised and hosted by the Qatar Armed Forces. Mönch will produce a print Show Daily for each of the three days of DIMDEX from 29 to 31 March 2016.

Mönch, in cooperation with al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal, will produce the dual language DIMDEX Show Daily under the mastheads of NAVAL FORCES (the world’s leading independent periodical dedicated to naval defence and maritime security) and AL DEFAIYA (the Arab world’s leading defence and national security publication).

The Show Daily will follow in the Mönch-style of providing news, analysis and context, while covering DIMDEX’s different components: The exhibition displaying the latest maritime defence technologies; VIP delegations; the visit of warships to Doha Commercial Port, and exclusive insights and key speeches from the top-level, strategic Middle East Naval Commanders Conference (MENC).