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04 January 2016

HERCULES Production Line Stays Open

Lockheed Martin will provide 32 C-130J HERCULES aircraft in the following configurations in a U$1,060,940,036 C-130J multi-year production contract: 13 C-130J-30, five HC-130J, 11 MC-130J, two KC-130J and one US Coast Guard HC-130J aircraft. Work is expected to be complete by 30 April 2020.

Furthermore, the UK MoD has agreed a £369 million deal for the continued in-service support of the RAF HERCULES C-130J fleet, until 2022. The support contract is in line with the government’s recent Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) announcement to extend the life of the aircraft until 2030.

Work will also be undertaken by Lockheed Martin with Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group and sub-contractors.