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26 January 2016

IAV 2016: FFG Presents PMMC G5

FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH takes part in the International Armoured Vehicle Conference 2016 (IAV 2016) with a presentation of its PMMC G5. The presentation also provides information on FFG and FFG’s projects.

FFG's PMMC G5 Armoured Combat Support Vehicle

FFG has developed the PMMC G5 to meet the demands for today’s and future missions in any operational scenario. Its design as a multirole platform, suitable for any kind of equipment, offers a broad flexibility for the user and makes the G5 a perfect Armoured Combat Support Vehicle.

The integrated mine protection and a variable concept for ballistic protection guarantee maximum protection for operators and soldiers. The PMMC G5 provides flexible and ergonomic seats for up to 11 soldiers. Three different hatches, a huge ramp at the rear and an additional door in the ramp allow a quick and comfortable access to the vehicle. Due to the huge ramp, the disembarking of an infantry squad will take not more than 10 to 15 seconds.

The spacious, comfortable and flexible crew compartment allows a quick exchange of different mission modules to create new variants always based on the same platform.

Spacious, comfortable, and flexible crew compartment of FFG's PMMC G5

The compact vehicle construction of the PMMC G5, equipped with state of the art video and battle management system, NGVA Standard and the possibility of integration of Vetronics, offers situational awareness that is crucial for missions in urban terrain. The driver benefits from a huge field of view through armour plated glass, with the same level of ballistic protection as the complete vehicle. As a result, the driver always has an excellent view of the environment and can operate the PMMC G5 safely under any condition.

Another advantage of the PMMC G5 is the track system, allowing excellent mobility in any kind of terrain even in areas where wheeled vehicles reach their limits, and perfect maneuverability in urban terrain, as the tracked suspension system allows smallest turning circles and pivot turns. This urban mobility and agility provides additional safety for operators and soldiers.

To convince with firepower any kind of Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS) like the FLW 200 Plus or the DND Dual FEWAS can be integrated.

Propelled by a reliable and proven drive system kit and equipped with a rubber track system, the PMMC G5 can drive in any terrain, turn on spot and follow modern main battle tanks without any problems.

In addition, the design of the PMMC G5 results in very low Life Cycle Costs (LCC), so that the vehicle meets commercial demands by a maximum cost effectiveness.

The intelligent combination of these features make the PMMC G5 the perfect successor of any ageing APC, both on tracks and on wheels.