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20 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Andre Forkert Details Premiers and News of Day 1

Crye Precision is showing the new “Compact Alpine Overwhites” that are very lightweight and offer an extremely small package. Multi pass-through zipper openings allow a very good air-flow and access to the gear underneath. Also new is a bagpack serie with the EXP 1500 pack and the EXP 2100 pack. Both are very low profile and come in four colours (multicam, gray, ranger green and black). A fleece line top pocket fits and protect small tablets, there is also a top access laptop storage and an extansion (500 cubic and also in lenght).

EOTech for the first time ever has a range of rifle scopes in their portfolio. The new family consists of three precise rifle scopes:
-          Vudu 1-6x (1st focal plane, 24 mm diameter, single-piece 30 mm tube, illuminated reticle, 560 gr.)
-          Vudu 2.5-10x (1st focal plane, 44 mm diameter, single-piece 30 mm tube, illuminated reticle, zero stop, 780 gr.)
-          Vudu 3.5-18x (1st focal plane, 50 mm diameter, single-piece 34 mm tube, illuminated reticle, parallax adjustment, zero stop, 942 gr.)

All are using a CR2032 battery that is good for 10.000 hrs. EOTech is offering to the civil hunter market as well as the military and law enforcement.
CADEX has two new weapons for long range precision. The CDX-50 TREMOR .50 BMG and the CDX-40 SHADOW 408 CHEYTAC. The new CDX- 50 TREMOR, a .50 calibre Precision rifle built to Military Spec, the rifle is capable of delivering a huge payload accurately while maintaining very manageable recoil. The CDX-50 is a lightweight (10,432 gr.) bolt action rifle that brings new technology to the .50 BMG of years gone by. The effective range is officially 1,800 m, but it can shoot 3,000+ m. And it is the first .50 CADEX ever made. Features: Five rounds bolt action repeater, 29’’ fluted match grade, 8 groove, 1:15 twist barrel. Only five day after it comes out of production CADEX is showing the Ant-Material/-Personnel rifle CDX-40 SHADOW 408 CHEYTAC at SSHOT Show. It weights 8,391 gr. and has an affective range of 1,800 m (can do 3,000+ m).

CONDOR is introducing the new CONDOR Elite bagpack series of products, they come with better materials and other styles. The series consist of the “Fail Safe Pack” (16 ltr., Mil-Spec 500 Denier Codura, black/grey/sand colour), “Sectorf Sling Bag” (black/grey, 19’’x14’’x6.5’’) and the “Draw Down Waist Pack”. Also new is the Elite line of Shoes with two versions, the regular military style and a more sportive/hicking style. At SHOT Show are shown the previews.

Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) is presenting a new “Quick Detach Weapon Hook” with a Molle attachment for the back side of your carrier. The hook should fix your weapon while boarding or fast roping, so it won’t swing around. If you need your weapon the hook has a fast release. Also new by TAG are new different padded belts, slings, Molle tourniquet pouch and the Quick Detachment Vertical Medical Pouch. In the future the Quick Detachment System should be used with more pouches.

Blue Force Gear is introducing a new “Quick Wire Loop”, that is a quick-detach version of the versatile Universal Wire Loop. The ULoop™ brings a level of versatility that is unmatched by any other sling hardware. Code named the “Uber Loop” it is a quick-detach version of our popular Universal Wire Loop, offering even faster and easier installation, especially on smaller eyelets found on HK, SIG and FN weapons. The ULoop can be installed almost anywhere - through eyelets, holes in railed handguards, and on KeyMod rails.  There’s no need to have multiple sling attachments. The ULoop replaces all hooks, clips and connections.
The ULoop can be installed in seconds and does not need to be removed from the sling.  To release the wire, push the wire loop down towards the body.  Then push the exposed crimp ball from the opposite side out of the locking channel.