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19 January 2016

SHOT Show Industry Day 2016: Andre Forkert with more News from the Range Day

CMMG showed their Mk47 MUTANT rifle. This is an AR but for the Ak-47 caliber (7.62x39 mm). CMMG has built this weapon around the AK calibre, so it unites the handling, reliability and accuracy of an AR with the advantages of the 7.62x39 mm calibre. It is fully modular and can be fully customized. CMMG is looking at the civilian market with it, but because of the calibre several military units are testing it.
TEAM WENDY showed their range of helmet – ballistics and climbing/boarding. They just sold 29,000 of the EXFIL to Australia. The EXFIL Ballistic features a hybrid composite shell with unique geometry for increased strength and optimal fi t. An innovative, boltless CAM FIT retention quickly adjusts to individual head shapes, providing a comfortable and stable fit.  A newly designed Zorbium foam liner protects against impact and allows for an overhead communications headband.  Customizable comfort is achieved through a set of moveable comfort pads.  The EXFIL rail 2.0 accessory mounting system is compatible with all EXFIL accessories and features T-slots for custom mounting.  A lanyard compatible Wilcox shroud secures any standard NVG mount. According to the customer it is the lightest helmet with a NIJ Level IIIA (according to NIJ STD 0106.01 / 0108.01) protection on the market.
SOG introduced three new multi-tools (PowerPlay, Reactor and MacV Tool) and a family of six new backpacks. The PowerPlay offers 18 tools, the Reactor 10 tools and the MacV Tool is a very small and lightweight weapon toll – in one piece – with 12 functions and a weight of 0.6 oz. The backpacks will be available from march on and come in black and grey. Everyone has a “hardshell” protection at the top for optics that are inside the top pouch. The volume reach from 35 l to 12 l.