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20 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Cubic to Exhibit Realistic and Immersive Training Solutions for Law Enforcement

Cubic Global Defense (CGD), a business unit of Cubic, is showcasing various firearms training solutions at SHOT Show at booth 31506.

At the show, Cubic offers a live simulator demonstration of PRISim Suite, a range of firearms simulators that provide an immersive training environment through the use of interactive video scenarios, allowing trainees to experience stress, fear and threats from the virtual actors on screen. Information on Cubic’s Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES), QuickRange, live-fire range design and Cubic NEK’s live training solutions are also available at the show.

In addition to being a premiere provider of live and simulated training products and services to military forces worldwide, Cubic is dedicated to delivering advanced training solutions to law enforcement and security professionals,” said Brooks Davis, business development manager, CGD. “We are currently in the final testing phases of the next-generation PRISim, one of our key training solutions for marksmanship and judgment skills, and look forward to showcasing its enhanced capabilities at the show.”

Cubic features the following training solutions:

  • PRISim Suite: Leverages high-definition, interactive videos and game-engine technology to create realistic training theatres for all aspects of firearms handling. Realistic and adaptable scenarios are used to develop judgmental and practical skills in a wide range of life threatening situations.
  • QuickRange: A full-service, pre-fabricated shooting range that can be delivered to any location ready-to-use. QuickRange eliminates the challenges associated with building a traditional shooting range (design, construction, installation, etc.) and is the ideal solution for military, law enforcement and security agencies that do not have their own facilities for live-fire training.
  • MILES: A realistic tactical engagement system that accurately replicates both the actual firing capabilities and effects of weapons during training. It is capable of detecting hits from laser “bullets,” and performs damage and/or casualty assessments on targets.
  • Live-Fire Range Design: The development of a shooting range design combining a needs-based design approach with the knowledge of industry-leading subject matter experts to provide safe, efficient, cutting-edge training facilities.

TeraLogics, a subsidiary of Cubic, is also attending the show (booth 13962) as guests of T Worx Ventures. Together, they demonstrate TeraLogics' Unified Video streaming portal, integrated with T Worx's Intelligent Rail at the Beretta USA booth. The demonstration highlights the benefits of using real-time video from first person, gun-mounted cameras, as well as fixed security cameras, in an “Active Shooter” scenario. TeraLogics' cloud-based Unified Video portal provides immediate context and collaboration tools to first responders in "Active Shooter” scenarios.