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19 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Meggitt Training Systems Demonstrates Shooting Range Solutions

Meggitt Training Systems demonstrates the latest in shooting range equipment at booth 12267:

  • XWT GEN3 target carrier - A wireless target carrier with an internal direct-drive, dual-motor system running on a unique closed-track design for a quieter, smoother operation. Available in indoor/outdoor versions, the carrier is weather resistant, offering adjustable speed controls and flexible user interfaces to support varying courses of fire.
  • XCT target carrier - Operates via a touchscreen control system at the firing line. The carrier can be stopped at any distance through six programmable presets for a variety of distances, or by manually adjusting the movement on the touchscreen controller.
  • Bullet traps - The world’s first rubber bullet trap, the GranTrap, and the LE5000 escalator steel bullet trap, are also be displayed.