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22 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: MINOX tactical riflescopes

Last year, MINOX showed their tactical ZP series of premium line of riflescopes for military and law enforcement for the first time ever. Now they are available, and they were even improved meanwhile, e.g. handling and turrets. MINOX is especially placing value in precision and perfection – up to every detail. The new product line offers the ZP8 1-8x24, ZP3 3-15x50 and ZP5 5-25x56, for all missions the right tool. For fast and accurate aiming in unfavorable light conditions the ZP8 is fitted with an additional illuminated dot and circle at the second focal plane, as a standard there is a fine dimmable reticle at the 1. focal plane. The finely dimmable twilight illuminated reticle at the first focal plane can be adjusted to the ambient light in 11 levels of brightness – this improves the shooter’s ability to find the point of aim in poor light. Each individual step can be preselected and then switched off to save battery power. The digital electronics system automatically deactivates the illuminated reticle after 6 hours without operation. The large field of view also enables the shooter to take aim quickly with reliable target acquisition. The extended eye relief of 90mm ensures a more accurate and faster shot.

The ZP models are watertight up to a depth of 15m and are filled with inert argon gas for excellent protection and durability of the elements on the inside. The high quality optical system and reliable precision mechanics are protected by an extremely shock-resistant body made of anodized special aluminum, commonly found in aerospace engineering. This makes the ZP models well suited for use in extremely tough conditions – such as hot desert areas, sub-tropical climates or regions with arctic low-temperatures.

The MINOX ZP8 is a riflescope of superlative quality and is excellently suited for a wide range of applications featuring an 8x magnification, a high quality optical system, a combination of day-time illuminated red dot and twilight illuminated reticles as well as outstanding operating ergonomics and extreme ruggedness. Also the smooth magnification setting and easy-to-adjust rubber-armored eyepiece permit quick focusing of the object in view. Changing the magnification is done using an ergonomically designed fin. In this way, alterations to the magnification can be made at any time quickly and accurately – in any situation – when wearing gloves for instance.
The new ZP8 also features a Zero Stop. This enables a fast and reliable zero setting at any time – without having a look. With the Single Turn (ST) reticle adjustment, the selected setting can be viewed at any time.

The MINOX ZP8 1-8x24 is available with the following reticle systems: A8-D, MR 10 and MR 10+.
In addition to the ZP8, the ZP line also features the following models: The MINOX ZP5 3-15x50 as an universal riflescope with a 3x magnification and an extremely large field of view for close-up shooting, while the 15x magnification guarantees the necessary long distance range. Elevation adjustment is available as a double-turn turret. The turrets have a quick-release lever for quick and easy zero setting, also when out in the field. The parallax adjustment enables error-free parallax adjustment of the scope from a distance of 50m. This prevents target errors and additionally offers maximum image sharpness. This model is particularly well suited for the long-range hunting and sports shooter. The ZP5 3-15x50 is available with the following reticles: MR5, MR2 und Mildot.

The MINOX ZP5 5-25x56 long-range riflescope has been specially designed for large calibres and extra long ranges. The 25x magnification with a large reticle adjustment range ensures maximum detail recognition and extreme shooting ranges, whereas the 5x magnification with its large field of view provides the necessary overview. Elevation adjustment is available as single or double-turn feature. The turrets are fitted with a quick-release lever for fast and easy zero setting of the turrets, also when out in the field. The parallax adjustment enables error-free parallax adjustment of the scope from a distance of 50 m. This prevents target errors and additionally provides maximum image sharpness. Practical standard features and straightforward operation guarantee maximum reliability, even under extreme conditions. The ZP5 5-25x56 is available with the following reticles: MR5, MR2 und Mildot.

Besides its flagship model – the MINOX ZP8 1-8x24 – this new line of tactical MINOX riflescopes includes the ZP5 3-15x50 and the ZP5 5-25x56.

As one of the first customers a cantonal police in Switzerland have been won. For later this year MINOX will come up with a new ZE Tactical Line, these designated for the law enforcement market, but based on the high quality hunting scopes. So they won´t be as high-end as the ZP line, but on the other hand much more price efficient. 3-15x56 und 5-25x56 scopes are expected.
Andre Forkert