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19 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Newcon Optik Introduces SEEKER and Spotter LRF

The SEEKER—a compact, mil-spec laser rangefinder module capable of being boresighted to practically any optical system was recently introduced by Newcon Optik. In addition to use on crew served-, sniper-, and assault weapons the unit can be integrated into more complex fire control systems to acquire accurate distance, azimuth and inclination target data out to several kilometres.

The SEEKER M is a specially designed multi-purpose mountable laser rangefinder which can be a vital tool for various operations. It can be mounted and aligned with any optical system including weapon sights and can be integrated with various purpose built platforms. The device incorporates the newest laser rangefinding technologies to help the operator not only seek the target, but also, based on compass and inclinometer indications, receive precise GPS coordinates of the target’s location. (Photo: Newcon Optik)

Modularity and ease of integration were two critical elements in the design of the SEEKER,” Aaron Buckstein, Vice President of Sales and Business Development told MT. “We set out to enable our customers to get rapid, accurate target data and seamlessly process, analyse and use that information in their own systems. We are excited about how easy we were able to make it for designers to integrate our communication protocols into their devices.”

SEEKER (Photo: Newcon Optik)

The SEEKER builds on Newcon Optik’s 23 years in the EO industry, producing advanced military grade laser rangefinders. The SEEKER can be used in conjunction with the company’s own Android battle space management application, or with other Android based systems or proprietary fire control or mapping software suites to visualise and act on the geospatial target data it acquires. The SEEKER M also features a visible laser system which helps with referencing and adjustments. High strength materials as well as ergonomic control placement make this rugged device efficient and user friendly.
At 115x70x62cm, it is eye safe at 905nm, and has a 10-3,000m measuring range that includes a wavelength of 635nm (+/-10).

Newcon Optik’s SPOTTER LRF, another device, is the company’s first device combining the trusted, high quality optics of its long range spotting scopes with an eye-safe three kilometre laser rangefinder.

The SPOTTER LRF is a combined long range spotting scope and laser rangefinder, packing 15-45x variable magnification, fully multi-coated optics, an etched mil-dot reticle and, a 5,500m Newcon Optik laser rangefinder (maximum range) into a fully mil-spec, lightweight housing. It is operational at -35 to +55°C.

This is truly an example of customer-focused product development,” said Alex Rudiy, Executive Vice President and COO. “Customers using our spotting scopes in the field began asking for this combined capability in recent years, and our response was to go out and design it.”