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19 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Seen & Heard from Andre Forkert

New folders and fixed knives from FirstEdge for Special Forces

FirstEdge Knives & Tools (booth N305) debuts at SHOT Show 2016 and promise the hottest knives now in use by U.S. Special Forces. The company builds on innovation and problem solving. At a time when many are bemoaning the growing trend to move manufacturing offshore, one newly created American company is staying put. FirstEdge with 120+ years of knife making management experience, has created Knives together with and for the U.S. Special Forces. Brett Seber, CEO of FirstEdge explainsFirstEdge is a Problem Solver – We came into existence due to the fact that U.S. Special Forces had distinct issues with knives and sheaths in the field. Since we are well known for our ability to analyze and solve problems, we were called in to help. With Special Forces input, FirstEdge designed and rapidly prototyped both Fixed Blade and Folding Knives. Production began in 2015 with initial shipments to Special Forces only. Acceptance by Special Forces operatives in the field and in training lead us to expand production to select commercial markets.”

FirstEdge Knives & Tools owns different patents like the: firstedge tracklock folding knife locking system. Inspired by US Special Forces, FirstEdge folding knives are equipped with a New Patent Pending Opening and Locking System designed for military as well as outdoor extreme applications and environments. The TrackLock has a large steel locking pin that passes through the blade as well as the hardened steel liners, resulting in strength exceeding many times the industrial standard for knife-lock failure. The TrackLock allows for fast, safe and secure one-handed opening and closing. Available in Manual, Assisted Opening and Automatic versions. Made in USA with ELMAX Steel from Sweden the knives also have an extreme weather Kydex tri-composite sheaths. FirstEdge's Fixed Blade Patent-Pending Knife Sheaths were designed in partnership with US Special Forces to withstand the harshest conditions on the planet. The patent pending Tri-Composite construction allows for disassembly, cleaning and reassembly in minutes. The outer layers are precision-formed KYDEX panels. Two different sizes of 3" USA Made Poly-Pro Nylon webbing allow the user to choose between higher or lower carry.

The Material of the blades is ELMAX (by Uddeholm) steel from Schweden. ELMAX steel’s composition of metals results in a Superior Stainless Steel alloy with extremely high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance and extremely high compressive strength. High wear resistance and high corrosion resistance together is very rare. ELMAX’s advanced powder metallurgy technology allows for this desired combination. The steel is hardened to 60-61 HRC resulting in excellent edge-retention as well as high impact resistance, yet as easy to sharpen and hold an edge as a good carbon steel alloy. ELMAX steel can withstand serious ultra-heavy use and is ideal for Survival, Outdoor and Underwater applications, where high durability, toughness, wear and corrosion resistance is critical.

FirstEdge has three new folders and two new fixed blade models are fully introduced at the SHOT Show 2016. All the models will be available for sale and delivery in the first quarter of 2016.

Model 1250 Manual and 1350 Assisted Opening

  • TrackLock Locking Mechanism (Patents Pending)
  • Thumb Stud One-Handed Open with Reverse Dimple
  • Thumb Release Button One Handed Close
  • ELMAX Stainless Steel Blade (.132” Thick / 60-61 HRC)
  • 440A Stainless Steel Liners / 58-59 HRC
  • 7.3 oz. Packaged Weight / 5.9 oz. Knife Only
  • Bevel – Flat Ground 3” Tanto Style Blade
  • Course Textured Black G-10 Handles
  • Black Oxide Finish on: Blade, Liners, Pocket Clip, and Fasteners

1250 TrackLock Folding Knife

Model 1450 Automatic

  • Automatic TrackLock Folding Knife (Patents Pending)
  • TrackLock Patents Pending Locking Mechanism
  • ELMAX Stainless Steel Blade (.132” Thick / 60-61 HRC)
  • 440A Stainless Steel Liners / 58-59 HRC
  • 7.3 oz. Packaged Weight / 5.9 oz. Knife Only
  • Bevel – Flat Ground 3” Tanto Style Blade
  • Course Textured Black G-10 Handles
  • Black Oxide Finish on: Blade, Liners, Pocket Cli5, and Fasteners
  • Black Oxide Finish

Model 1450 Automatic

Model 5050 Survival Knife

  • Full Tang Fixed Blade
  • ELMAX Stainless Steel Blade - .235” thick, 60-61 HRC
  • 5.125” Blade Length
  • 11.25” Overall Length
  • 1.47 lb. Packaged Weight / 17.5 oz. Knife Only
  • Course Textured Black G-10 Handles
  • Striking Pommel
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Black Oxide Finish on Blade and Fasteners
  • Patent Pending Tri-Composite System Kydex Molded Sheath
  • 3” Nylon Webbing

5050 Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Model 5150 Elite Field Knife

  • Full Tang Fixed Blade
  • ELMAX Stainless Steel Blade - .210” thick, 60-61 HRC
  • 6” Blade Length
  • 11” Overall Length
  • 1.25 lb. Packaged Weight / 13.4 oz. Knife Only
  • Course Textured Black G-10 Handles
  • Striking Pommel
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Stainless Steel Hex Fasteners
  • Black Oxide Finish on Blade and Fasteners
  • Patent Pending Tri-Composite System Kydex Molded Sheath
  • 3” Nylon Webbing

5150 Fixed Blade Field Knife


SHOT Show 2016: GLOCK replacement barrel

Lone Wolf Distributors (booth 20338) are showing their ALPHA WOLF "ultimate GLOCK replacement barrel". It is designed for lead, plated or jacket ammunition, consists of stress relieved 416 stainless steel and is certified. It is button rifled and have a three stage honed bore with a industry recognized SBN premium coating (heat treated to RC 40-42; SBN increased to RC 60). It ia available in standard length or threaded.


SHOT Show 2016: Debut of the DPx HEST/F Urban folder

For the first time at SHOT Show, DPX Gear (booth 1117), are showing their first all American made folding knife. The folder comes with a blade length under 3” for urban use. The DPx HEST/F Urban is designed, sourced, built and backed in the United States of America. DPx Gear’s first 100% all American made folding knife will be surprisingly small when compared to its big brother, the Northern Italian made DPx HEST/F. The DPx HEST/F Urban will weigh in at just 3.35 ounces, measure 3.8 inches long when closed, and 6.7 inches long when open. The DPx HEST/F Urban will feature: A frame made of aerospace quality, American 6Al4v titanium alloy in “Battleship Grey” heavy bead blast finish (the “Sterile Edition”). Upgraded options include bronze anodized titanium (the “Bronze Edition”) or a three-dimensional Mr. DP pattern milled into the frame (“The Mr. DP Edition”). A US made S30V stainless steel blade with a stonewashed finish. Stainless steel caged bearing pivot hardware for rapid deployment and effortless opening and closing. The DPx Gear Patented Blade Notch is designed to allow the knife to open faster than an automatic and to the rear of the holder, keeping it safe from the assailant. Naturally it was also designed to open beer bottles and function as a potholder. The integral ¼” Hex Drive with commonly used hex tools turns the DPx HEST/F Urban into a multi tool. Also: DPx Gear Patented Tri-Gauge Wire Strippers, Frame Lock, Glass Breaker and Deep Carry Pocket Clip.


SHOT Show 2016: Intelligent Firearm Storage

The size and shape of firearms have changed dramatically over the past decade. Unfortunately firearm storage has not fundamentally changed to accommodate these changes — untill now. SecureIt Tactical (Booth 727) shows their newest reveals of new technology and products at an event on Thursday 21st Jan. at 3pm.


SHOT Show 2016: Steiner Acquires Two Companies In US

Steiner (booth 12755) officially announces that it has acquired the Sensor Systems Division of The O’Gara Group. The group is comprised of Sensor Technology Systems (STS) and Diffraction LTD.
For more than 25 years, STS and Diffraction have provided the most technologically advanced night vision, beacon and laser devices. Specialized users include Homeland Security, special operations forces, law enforcement and other military personnel. “Whether it’s digital imaging systems like night vision or thermal rifle scopes, or high-end military technology adapted for the commercial user, it’s inevitable that the future of optics is electronic,” said Stephen McKelvain, Steiner’s Chief Global Marketing Officer. “By combining STS and Diffraction with our established eOptics Division and our existing line of daylight optics, Steiner solidifies its pioneer role in electro-optics.”

STS is best known for its Low-Profile Night Vision Goggle, the AN/PVS-21 used by special operations forces around the world. STS designs and manufactures equipment, all of which provides improved situational awareness in both day and night operations. STS specializes in supporting the equipment needs of government, military and law enforcement worldwide featuring:

  • Intensified night vision systems
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) and Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) systems
  • Combat ID/IFF systems

Diffraction LTD is an innovator in optical, electrical and mechanical systems, providing the military with some of the most advanced, electro-optic devices in the world. Key focus areas include:

  • Digital and fused imaging systems
  • Optical beacons for combat ID or tagging, tracking and locating
  • Lasers including illuminators and pointers

Diffraction’s primary focus has been on advanced electro-optic imaging and communication designs throughout the optical spectrum including UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR.
Steiner delivers trusted sighting solutions to the world by building cutting edge optics and eOptics products that offer the performance demanded by military/law enforcement and commercial markets globally. Steiner’s superior performance, service and support will enable our users to more quickly and accurately detect, identify, and target their objectives. The STS and Diffraction products are built in the U.S., and will join Steiner’s current line of eOptics products, which are also American made, and manufactured in Monterey, California.


SHOT Show 2016: KRISS Vector GEN II 9mm

KRISS USA is very excited to display the KRISS Vector GEN II 9mm at SHOT Show Range Day and SHOT Show 2016. Since the KRISS Vector's inception, shooting enthusiasts around the world have been clamoring to see the patented KRISS Super V System in their favorite calibers, most notably in 9x19mm. Also new for 2016 is the new KRISS Vector GEN II Price Reduction. Faster and more accurate follow up shots are now more affordable than ever! You can see and try the product at range SR-42 or booth 8411.


SHOT Show 2016: Reebok introduces ZigKick Tactical line of footwear

Warson Brands (booth 10179), official licensee of Reebok tactical footwear, introduces the new Reebok ZigKick Tactical line of 8-inch and 6-inch boots. Built to meet the extreme demands of law enforcement professionals, the new Reebok ZigKick Tactical line is engineered for performance, comfort, and durability. Reebok’s ZigTech, an elite fitness technology developed by Reebok fitness experts, is a unique zigzag foam midsole designed to flex like an athletic shoe, absorb heel shock, and provide energy return under the most punishing conditions.

The ZigKick Tactical eight-inch side zip boot (RB8845) and six-inch side zip boot (RB8630) both feature the new removable Reebok FootFuel™ injected EVA cushion footbed, providing arch support, stability and motion control, along with vented airflow zones to cool feet with every step. Lightweight mesh uppers with moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining provide additional air circulation to keep feet cool. A slip-resistant rubber bottom and TPU heel stabilizer help keep feet firmly planted.

100% non-metallic construction enables ZigKick Tactical boots to be worn in security environments. Electrical hazard protection provides a secondary source of protection from live circuits, wires or highly charged electrical equipment.

“Reebok Zig is a proven program,” says Bill Mills, President Warson Brands, “recognized nationwide as a high performing, comfortable, durable technology. It’s a thrill for us to be introducing it to the tactical market.” Reebok military and tactical footwear is available through select duty uniform retailers.

Reebock Zigkick tactical boots. 


SHOT Show 2016: Korth SuperSport revolver

Korth Germany (booth 15552) gives you the chance to see and shoot (at the Range Day) the new Korth SuperSport, according to their CEO: “the best revolver in the world”. This Gun was developed for the most demanding PPC 1500 discipline and Bianchi Cup. It has a silky smooth DA trigger with incredible benefits and setting possibilities. Furthermore, they present the very first Conversion Cylinder usable with Speedloader for Smith & Wesson in 9 mm Luger. No clips required.

The new Korth Revolver SuperSport:

  • Caliber: .357 Magnum, 6 rounds
  • Weight: 1652 g / 3.64 lb
  • Height: 150 mm / 5.9"
  • Overall lenght: 280 mm / 11.02"
  • Width: 39 mm / 1.54"
  • Barrel length: 6"
  • - -Adjustable rear sight (variable adjustment of the light gap)
  • - -Korth fourfold adjustable multiple distance sight rail with Picantinny profile
  • - -Removing of the lateral plates for DSB disciplines easily possible
  • - -Quick action rear sight change
  • - -The multiple distance adjustment at the front sight (reduction of overall height)
  • - -Adjustable hammer spring (from the outside)
  • - -Adjustable Double Action characteristics using pressure point wheel
  • - -Adjustable trigger retaining spring (from the outside)
  • - -Quick action change of the cylinder (switch 0.38 special and 9 mm Para)
  • - -L-Size compatible (grip and speedloader)
  • - -6 inch barrel with Picantinny Rail for additional weigh


SHOT Show 2016: US premier of Arex Rex Zero 1S

Imported by FIME Group LLC (booth 11217) the Slovenian made Arex Rex Zero 1S pistol is now available to American shooters. ee the Rex Zero 1S. The Arex company was established over 20 years ago, and is an ISO:9001 certified weapons manufacturer. In partnership with FIME Group of Las Vegas, NV, Arex is emerging into the US market with its highly acclaimed Rex Zero 1 pistol line. Having a dedicated, creative, and experienced team and a vision for excellence, Arex is determined to become one of the staples in the sport, tactical shooting, and self-defense markets, as well as a trusted brand name for military and law enforcement agencies around the world.
The Rex Zero 1 Standard Model offered is a 17-round, 4.25” barreled 9mm pistol with several unique features:
- -Can be operated either “cocked & locked” or safely de-cocked for DA/SA operation. External safety operates in either configuration.
- -Ambi- safety and magazine release.
- -The slide-stop also serves as the de-cocker.
- -Hard anodized T7075 aluminum frame made from solid bar stock with steel locking block insert.
- -Nitrocarburized steel slide made from solid bar stock.
- -Forward cocking serrations.
- -1 piece cold hammer forged barrel made from solid bar stock and Nitrocarburized.
- -Loaded chamber indicator
- -Full length slide rails.
- -Picatinny railed dust cover.
- -Large trigger guard for use with gloves.
- -High profile white dot steel sights.? Accepts SIG pattern replacement sights
- -Approved for all commercial SAAMI specification +P ammunition

The Rex Zero 1S pistol complies with strict military standards for reliability and has passed extreme temperature, hostile environment, and drop tests. The expected service life for the pistol exceeds 30,000 rounds. Warranty coverage, US Service, and parts are provided by FIME Group LLC. Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original retail (commercial/civilian) purchaser, one year for law enforcement and military customers.


SHOT Show 2016: New Targets

Action Target Inc. (booth 14568) presents and demonstrates their new products for 2016.
New Shooting Stalls: Action Target is excited to launch several new stall designs that will provide ranges more options in 2016. From enhanced privacy to customizable features and economical options, Action Target continues to be the leading provider of high-quality range equipment. New to the shooting range industry, custom color options for stalls will now allow range owners create a more custom range that fits with their brand.

Dual Running Man Pro: Built for moving-target training, this system can accelerate faster than a linebacker and can surpass speeds of the world’s fastest Olympic athletes. New features also include numerous state-of-the-art controls for wireless range integration and a precision position system accurate to .001m.

MATCH: The standard in live fire shoot house technology for more than 20 years has added new accessories and advanced design. A full size room showcasing new fascia options and updated features will be available to walk through.

TAC House: The new Training Ammunition Combat (TAC) House is a modular, easy to reconfigure realistic training environment. It uses non-ballistic interlocking panels that are quickly assembled for numerous configurations. This system is designed for indoor and outdoor use with paint marking simulated ammunition. A house demo will be available for walk through at the booth.

Portable Bullet Trap: As an accessory for your shoot house, this trap comes with new patent-pending designs that allow for reliable and safe collection of bullets fired into it. With an easy-to-use drop tray, fragments can be conveniently emptied into a container for recycling. New castor wheels with an innovative brass guard make moving the trap within the house smooth and safe. The trap uses a crumb rubber fascia and a ½ inch AR500 smash plate.

User Interface: A revolution in the target retriever world, this new interface offers a more engaging and user friendly system that brings advanced features of the AWD to life. The new interface comes preloaded with games and drills developed by leading firearms trainers that will push any level of shooter and keep them coming back for more.
And the Barrel Fill Sensors: This improvement to the screw conveyor system includes a service monitor to inform when the barrel is full and needs to be replaced.


SHOT Show 2016: New Trulock products

Trulock Chokes (booth 15855) presents their new 2016 products during SHOT Show. They are introducing a choke tube with a new internal design that gives a substantial improvement in pattern density with 00/000 buckshot. Also introduced will be:

  • Winchester Long Beard 835
  • Rizzini Plus line of chokes in 12 gauge
  • Waterfowl 2 pack
  • V2 and V3 12 gauge chokes for the Legacy Sports Escort

Trulock offers over 2000 choke tubes to fit most shotguns. Trulock is a leading O.E.M. choke and parts provider to most U.S. and numerous international firearms manufacturers and gives a lifetime warranty and a consumer 60 day satisfaction guarantee on all of their chokes.

Standard Full Choke @ 40 yds. 15 Pellet 00 Buckshot.

Boar Blaster™ Choke @ 40 yds. 15 Pellet 00 Buckshot.

SHOT Show 2016: Nightstick promises three world premieres of lighting categories

At Nightstick (booth 14579) their team of lighting gurus are set to unveil to the world three new product categories that will forever change the way you view tactical lighting – so fare the promise. Yes, I said categories and not just new "products"! By continuing to expand the portfolio and branch out into new territories, they plan to provide customers with the toughest, most durable and most affordable lighting found in the world. “We know how frustrating it is to overpay for "tactical lighting" that isn't all that different from one manufacturer to another”, so Nightstick. To show how different they are, they expanded their booth to give you more room to actually hold in your hands the products that we are unveiling for the very first time ever. We are expecting to see two torches and a weapon light – the detailed report will follow after SHOT show opened.


SHOT Show 2016: New hearing protection

Howard Leight by Honeywell (booth 2020) is a leading global provider of passive and intelligent hearing protection solutions, and will be introducing some new products and colors in best-selling products, like the Impact Sport in sport pink and black. The Impact Sport series of noise-amplification earmuffs offers a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22 dB and featured directionally-placed stereo microphones to amplify sound for more natural hearing while blocking harmful impulsive noise over 82dB.

Silynx (booth 7310) have been working hard during the last year, leveraging their expertise in tactical in-hear headsets for military and law enforcement to develop a headset system for the outdoorsman and recreational shooter. At SHOT Show they will represent their formal entry into the civilian shooting, hunting, and outdoor space with the Silynx CLARUS PRO line of ruggedized electronic hearing protection and noise cancelling headsets. Also on display will be a broad range of Silynx products, including the newly released CLARUS XPR and CLARUS FX2 systems.
CLARUS XPR is according to Silynx the Industry's smallest and lightest tactical headset system. In-ear microphone with Silynx hear-thru technology and sound localization, fixed or modular cable to headset (model dependent), quick disconnect (QDC) on radio down lead (all versions), power and hear-thru volume control on bottom of control box. It supports one radio or one radio and a smartphone and is available in tan.
CLARUS FX2 is Industry’s smallest and lightest and most affordable tactical in-ear hearing protection/enhancement system, so Silynx. Its in-ear microphone eliminates the need for an external boom mic. The FX2 also incorporates Silynx’s Hear-thru and sound localization technology. With fixed cables to the headset and to the radio connector the FX2 is very simple to deploy. Power/hear-thru volume control button on front face of the control box. Supports single radio only and is available in black.

Hunter Electronics (SRO LCC) will introduce the Hunter SMART, an active hearing protection, wireless connectivity to smartphones, a retractable microphone and 3.5 mm outlet for connecting to hunting radio. This headset allows for use of replaceable AAA batteries, or can be upgraded to rechargeable batteries and charged in the headset. The Hunter SMART also features Individual volume control for the left and right channel, allowing the user to maximize their ability to amplify sound and communications.


SHOT Show 2016: IMI focuses on three calibres

Small Caliber Ammunition is one of three divisions at IMI (booth 859). Israel Military Industries (IMI) specializes in the development and production of advanced combat systems, and a broad range of ammunition for military, homeland security and commercial applications. This year, they will be focusing on three calibers:
- -9mm DiCut, JHP for self-defense and Special Forces
- -5.56, 77gr OTM, RazorCore for snipers and Special Forces
- -338, 250gr, OTM, RazorCore for long rang snipers

With over 300,000,000 firearms legally owned by American citizens, the demand for quality ammunition from the US Commercial market is fast growing. Addressing this growing market, IMI is expanding its Commercial sales channels in the USA, offering premium small caliber ammunition for sports and recreational shooting and hunting.
Mr. Israel Shmilovitz, IMI Vice President and MD of Small Caliber Ammunition Division said “As an ammunition manufacturer qualified to produce ammunition to the highest military standards, IMI has the infrastructure, expertise and capacity to develop and produce precision, premium ammunition that meet the most demanding requirements by the Israeli Special Forces and military needs, where top performance as precision, stopping power and reliability are essential.”
IMI offering to commercial users premium small-caliber ammunition types, based on the products originally developed for military use. “Throughout the world military users trust IMI to deliver the best ammunition.” Said Eldad Sayada, Director, Marketing & Business Development at IMI Small Caliber Ammunition Division. “Now commercial shooters can also benefit from such premium products, available at stores and online through our growing distribution network”.
Expanding its footprint in the US market through a network of dealers and distributors, IMI’s rapidly growing network, with a goal to provide and share its products and its proven experience with the American users. As an experienced ammunition designer, IMI is able to meet specific market segments with the best, most suitable and affordable ammunition.
IMI’s exclusive ammunition types like ‘Razor Core’, ‘Di-Cut’ and Long Range Match have become synonyms for premium ammunition, used by the world’s best Special Operations units. “The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), NATO Armies in deferent countries, Special Forces, law enforcement and defence agencies trust our ammunition, now available commercially, to win your trust”, so IMI.


SHOT Show 2016: CAMILLUS Introduces New Heritage Collection Line

CAMILLUS (Booth 15122) introduces their new ;-13 18’’ Machete, made from titanium stainless steel with a 13’’ blade and an overall length of 18’’. It comes with a gut hook and a glass filled nylon handle. Also there is a new Heritage Collection Line introduced with three knives Blackfoot, San Bushmen and Inuit), one machete (Waorani) and a slingshot (Mentawai).


SHOT Show 2016: Salted Earth debut with new dry fire training system

At booth N517/NEXT at Level 3 the ATLAS-8 dry fire training system from Salted Earth is introduced. Salted Earth is a debutant at SHOT Show. The ATLAS-8 is a battery operated dry fire target for use with all current laser enable training devices (ie SIRT, MILO, MILES). With the ATLAS-8, firearm training can take place anywhere, indoors or outdoors and pays off in months vs. live fire. Here are a few features of the ATLAS-8:

  • Full Color Display, easy to use
  • Portable and battery operated, depending on training can last up to 8 hrs with a ~ 4 hour recharge time
  • Rugged design, designed to IP67 standards
  • Made in America
  • Built in training scenarios (ie Shoot/DON'T SHOOT, Memory, Hostage, Reaction Time, etc)
  • With its 1/4 - 20 trip pod mount, can be mounted almost anywhere

The ATLAS-8 was official released in September, it is a fully programmable adaptive laser training target where users have full control over the full color display and detection regions. The ATLAS-8 can detect red, green, blue, and infrared laser emitters while differentiating between lasers and flashlights to enable true low/no light training scenarios. Designed to be extremely rugged, these targets can follow you into the field to take your dry-fire training outdoors. The on-board rechargeable battery provides for up to 8 hours of training and can be recharged in under three hours through either USB or charging cradle. ATLAS-8 targets are wireless enabled and can be easily deployed in large scale operations to create sophisticated training environments. Through use of our mobile or desktop application you can control your training environment while also receiving real time feedback (draw stroke, split times, accuracy, etc). Metrics can be tracked over time (optional) providing users with a real data set to track their progress and ensure that they are operating at the peak of their skill set. The ATLAS-8 includes a 1/4-20 UNC mount on the bottom of the device for mounting to tripods, "ball-style" mounts, or any standard camera mounts to give you the ability to mount your trainers to suit your individual needs. The ATLAS-8 is currently available to Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian customers. Salted Erath provides reliable tools for Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian applications. They offer adaptive training tools for those who must be effective in any environment in order to defend themselves, and those who depend upon them. The ATLAS (Adaptive Training Laser System) product line encompasses a long list of products that are wireless enabled providing an ever expandable training network that can be tailored to meet the needs of any scale deployment.