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21 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Seen & Heard

SHOT Show 2016: News from Gerber
Last SHOT Show Gerber already showed the pre-production piece of a very small weapon toll. Now the SHORT STACK AR-15 Multi-Tool is Gerber’s answer to your field cleaning and maintenance needs. It offer 15 features and fits in an AR-15 grip, so you have it always available. Weighing in at only 2.8 ounces, this featherweight is heavy on utility but light in hand.
A steep hillside. A crowded bunk. Somewhere in the jungle. When your office could be anywhere, size and weight are top priorities and storage is prime real estate. Enter the Short Stack – compatible with Magpul, MOE, and MIAD pistol grips, this compact tool is literally always on hand to get the job done. Each part of the three-piece design is magnetic, providing easy assembly and ensuring the double-sided bits don’t get lost in the shuffle.
As the bread and butter of the Short Stack’s functionality, the field cleaning options are all-inclusive and serve as a powerful AR-15 cleaning tool. This multi-functional tool is battle tested, created with one vision in mind – your reality out in the field. Taking the place of a bulky toolbox, this interchangeable tool acts as a pull-through handle for Otis cables, as multiple scraping surfaces for your weapon’s firing pin, bolt, and bolt carrier, and as your line of defense against carbon buildup and malfunction. A magnetic system holds it together.
The tools features: Front Sight Adjustment Tool, Firing Pin Scraper, Bolt Carrier & Bolt Scraper, Cleaning Cable Pull-Through Handle, Buffer Tube Wrench, 4mm Wrench / Bit Driver, 7mm Wrench for M-LOK Fasteners, 1/2“ Wrench, 3/8” Wrench, 3/4“ Wrench, Curved Slotted Driver and two Two-Sided Hex Bits (#0 Cross Driver, T10, 1/8” Hex, 4mm Hex). This is really a small but powerful tool.

Also new from Gerber is a very customable pouch for up to four multi-tools or flashlights and knives. The velcro offers the change of the layout and open silently. It is so new, Gerber don’t even have a name for it.

SHOT Show 2016: New hearing protection solution
There are several new hearing protection systems shown at the show.
Howard Leight by Honeywell (booth 2020) is a leading global provider of passive and intelligent hearing protection solutions, and will be introducing some new products and colors in best-selling products, like the Impact Sport in sport pink and black. The Impact Sport series of noise-amplification earmuffs offers a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22 dB (noise will never exceed 82 dB) and featured directionally-placed stereo microphones to amplify sound for more natural hearing while blocking harmful impulsive noise over 82dB. For law enforcement personnel they offer the Impact Sport Tactical Black, that offer a better headband for more comfort, an external audio jack for any adio sources (MP3, smartphone, CD, scanners, etc.). The two AAA batteries are good for 350+ hrs and the system comes with a 3.5 mm stereo auxillary cable, two additional comfort cushions and a PELICASE hard case.
Silynx (booth 7310) have been working hard during the last year, leveraging their expertise in tactical in-hear headsets for military and law enforcement to develop a headset system for the outdoorsman and recreational shooter. At SHOT Show they will represent their formal entry into the civilian shooting, hunting, and outdoor space with the Silynx CLARUS PRO line of ruggedized electronic hearing protection and noise cancelling headsets. Also on display will be a broad range of Silynx products, including the newly released CLARUS XPR and CLARUS FX2 systems.
CLARUS XPR is according to Silynx the Industry's smallest and lightest tactical headset system. In-ear microphone with Silynx hear-thru technology and sound localization, fixed or modular cable to headset (model dependent), quick disconnect (QDC) on radio down lead (all versions), power and hear-thru volume control on bottom of control box. It supports one radio or one radio and a smartphone and is available in tan.
CLARUS FX2 is a very small, light and price affordable tactical in-ear hearing protection/enhancement system, so Silynx. The IDF (Israel Defence Force) just order ten thousands of it. Its in-ear microphone eliminates the need for an external boom mic, but a boom mic is available as an option. The FX2 also incorporates Silynx’s Hear-thru and sound localization technology. With fixed cables to the headset and to the radio connector the FX2 is very simple to deploy. Power/hear-thru volume control button on front face of the control box. Supports single radio only and is available in black. It is lighter than the FX, because several items were taken out due to customer wishes, like the integrated GPS. The built in battery is good for 90 hours, if the radio offers the energy, the battery will be saved. It is unbelievable how clear the surrounding sound is, visit the booth and try it.
The CLARUS PRO is even lighter and cheaper, SILYNX is targeting the civil market with it, but will also offer it to the building and mining industry as well to the military as a very cost effective solution for all soldiers – not only the SOF who uses high-end similar systems. Weight is only 119 gr.

Hunter Electronics (SRO LCC) will introduce the Hunter SMART, an active hearing protection, wireless connectivity to smartphones, a retractable microphone and 3.5 mm outlet for connecting to hunting radio. This headset allows for use of replaceable AAA batteries, or can be upgraded to rechargeable batteries and charged in the headset. The Hunter SMART also features Individual volume control for the left and right channel, allowing the user to maximize their ability to amplify sound and communications.

SHOT Show 2016: Harris Individual Soldier System
Harris shows the improved Individual Soldier System (ISS). The ISS provides shared intelligence on and off the battlefield with real-time two-way video and voice communications: Command to soldier, soldier to command and soldier to soldier.
The nature of warfare is changing. Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) plays a prominent role in today’s military operations. Equally critical is the mission-specific situational awareness information that supports effective command and control, improves tactical execution, increases soldier safety and likelihood of mission success.
The ISS provides these capabilities in a flexible nighttime situational awareness and intelligence-sharing platform that enables real-time, two-way visual and voice communication between command and deployed forces, as well as soldier to soldier.
System Capabilities: The shared imagery and voice communications that ISS provides are powerful force multipliers on the battlefield, enabling tactical decision making in real-time. Command and deployed forces can:
·         Simultaneously view the same full motion video feed
·         Maintain voice and data links, even in structures like buildings, tunnels and ships
·         Access photos for identifying persons of interest in the field
·         Utilize UAV camera feeds to see beyond/over geographic and man-made barriers
·         Relay GPS to share current location, geographical targets, rendezvous points, etc.
·         Record and store video recorded from soldier-POV for archive and future analysis
The System also uses the integrated Harris radios and F6045 Fused Night Vision Goggle. New is the augmented reality, Harris realised in cooperation with ARA Inc. The augmented reality allows an image overlay in the goggle with icons (red/blue force, ranges, UAVs, waypoints, etc.) and a 360° surround view. Prepared waypoints show the way without the use of a map or GPS, these waypoint can be adapted the section leader or operation base. The augmentation reality system will be fixed at the side of the helmet, size and weight will come down.