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18 January 2016

SHOT Show Industry Day: Paradigm SRP Showcases the TALON Gyro-Stabilised Weapons Platform

The TALON, designed for precision shooting applications from moving and stationary platforms, is suitable for helicopter use and equally capable from ground vehicles, boats, and static emplacements. The TALON is one of the only units of its kind specifically designed with advanced stabilisation technology for sniper and marksman applications.

Lightweight, compact and portable, the TALON is easily mounted and removed from any vehicle. It is designed for semi-automatic rifles up to 300WM and uses the operator’s weapon and scope, with a typical accuracy of 6in at 300-yards.The TALON features MIL-SPEC cables and connectors and offers stand-alone power capability. It also provides video outputs for downlinking and recording.

Paradigm is also showcasing TALON with Colt Manufacturing. The Colt CM901 7.62 rifle will be mounted on the TALON. The Colt battlefield sensor suite, SWORD (Soldier Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Device), can either be mounted on the side rail or to the rail under the range finder. The TALON will then communicate wirelessly through the Combat Net to Colt’s SWORD Battle Management software and display the orientation of the Talon allowing for greater shot accuracy and weapon situational awareness.  Colt’s SWORD Capability will also enable the TALON to operate in an Indirect Fire Capability.