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24 February 2016

Elbit Systems of America’s Digital Eye Piece Display Provides Night Vision Cueing Capabilities to JHMCS

Recognising the aviator’s need for advanced nighttime cueing and display capabilities, Elbit Systems of America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems, has recently unveiled its Digital Eye Piece (DEP), co-developed with Rockwell Collins through the joint venture RCEVS.

Since introducing the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), Elbit Systems of America advanced this technology with the DEP, a lightweight night vision cueing and display solution for the JHMCS helmet mounted display system. This next-generation solution brings daytime cueing and display capabilities into night operations without the need for costly upgrades, modifications or any changes to the aircraft and software. The DEP is plug-and-play with currently fielded JHMCS helmets.

“Our plug-and-play capability fits seamlessly into currently fielded night vision devices, driving costs down and bringing crucial JHMCS day capabilities into nighttime operations, as it should be,” Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO, Elbit Systems of America, said. “Pilots will now have the ability to transition easily from day to night configuration while in flight, enabling mission completion from dusk to dawn.”

Elbit Systems of America’s Digital JHMCS (DJHMCS), an upgraded system, provides aviators with immediate and accurate recognition of friendly units, threats, and unknown targets, giving the aircrew a comprehensive view of the entire battle-space. Already in full production, DJHMCS is a backwards compatible system that provides the same performance and increases growth capabilities.