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26 February 2016

ESG and Diehl Deployed C-UAV Defence System at G7 Meeting

In a presentation at the DWT conference and exposition covering “Applied Research for Defence and Security in Germany” taking place in Bonn (Germany) ESG and Diehl Defence revealed how they – together with technology partners – contributed to the protection of the G7 summit in 2015 at “Schloss Elmau” with an anti-UAV (counter unmamned aerial vehicle C-UAV) defence system. Especially aligned for threats posed by mini and micro-UAV (<25kg) the modular system combined detection technologies and non-lethal effectors from Rohde & Schwarz, Robin Radar, Diehl Defence and ESG, linked-up by ESG’s C&C system TARANIS.

Robin Radar, e.g. contributed a radar-based tracking system which is able to distinguish micro-UAVs from birds. Being deployable within 30 minutes it can be operated 24/7 and has a 360° monitoring range, including the option to define regions of interest (ROI). Rohde & Schwarz contributed a sensor system which detects radio waves and/or the electromagnetic field produced either by the UAV or the remote control, the latter allowing in combination with a direction finder to exactly localise the owner of the drone.

In case of a correct positive either a smart jammer produced by Rohde & Schwarz or the HPEM system (High-Power Electro-Magnetics) produced by Diehl Defence would have been called into action. HPEM is an interference pulse that disables or disrupts electronics components as used not only in UAVs, but also in IEDs, land and sea vehicle engine electronics, computers, control systems and intelligence equipment.

Picture shows am example of an anti-UAV mission monitored by ESG’s c&c system TARANIS, linking up sensors as well as effectors and providing the users with the latest situation picture. (Photo: Alexander Kolberg)

Alexander Kolberg