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23 February 2016

ISL Presents Smart Autonomous Visual Event Detector B-SAVED

During the DWT conference and exposition covering “Applied Research for Defence and Security in Germany,” taking place in Bonn (Germany), the French-German Research Institute of St- Louis (ISL) showcased B-SAVED, a bio inspired autonomous surveillance camera based on artificial intelligence.

Designed for 360° environmental monitoring, the tripod activates itself at every movement in its field of view, recognising programmed as well as previously recognised threats autonomously. Imitating the ability of the human eye for peripheral vision, B-SAVED is equipped with three low-resolution sensors, serving to activate the pivotal main camera that immediately turns into the direction of the detected object and follows it. In its peripheral mode the device is able to detect objects at a distance of 200m (visible range) respectively 100m (IR range) and produces detailed pictures within a range of 200m (visible range) respectively 100m (IR range). B-SAVED communicates its findings via radio using codes like 5 for “armoured vehicle” or 3 for “human being,” thereby reducing the transmitted data volume, as well as its vulnerability to interception. According to ISL, it has an operating time of 72 hours.

Alexander Kolberg