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10 February 2016

Rheinmetall to Supply 338 TGS-MIL & TGM MIL Vehicles to Latin America

An undisclosed Latin American customer placed a major order with Rheinmetall today for 338 logistic vehicles (92 TGS-MIL and 216 TGM MIL vehicles to the army + 30 TGS-MIL to the navy), worth over €53 million with an option for 337 more vehicles. The order also includes support services.

The militarised TGS is a heavy-duty truck with a gross weight of 41 tonnes. Its MAN D2676 common rail diesel engine performs up to 397kW (540hp) and 2,500Nm. The TGS-Mil is based on MAN’s Trucknology Generation, heavily reengineered to meet the needs of the military.

The TGM and TGS model series are based on the globally proven MAN Trucknology generation. The versatile TGM-MIL and TGS-MIL vehicles can operate in all climatic zones at temperatures ranging from -32°C to +49°C. As NATO mobility class ‘C’ logistic vehicles, they combine excellent off-road performance. Tried and tested, their engines can run not only on diesel but also a variety of other battlefield fuels, such as aviation turbine fuel (F-34).

Their heavy carrying capacity enables a wide array of different build-ons. Most of these are commercial off the shelf systems, and thus safe and easy to operate. Possible configurations include hook-lift/interchangeable pallet carriers, cargo vehicles, dump trucks, mobile cranes, fire-fighting vehicles, tankers for fuel or water, troop carriers maintenance vehicles and recovery systems. All of these configurations have proven highly effective in all climatic zones. The current order consists of vehicles configured as troop carrier/cargo trucks as well as water and fuel tankers and mobile repair shops. They are therefore extremely well equipped to serve in a disaster relief role in response to the El NiƱo phenomenon, meeting the full range of requirements for dual use vehicles.

Last but not least, TGM and TGS vehicles are economical to operate. Today the armed forces of over fifty nations armed forces place their trust in these trucks, more than 80,000 of which are in service worldwide.