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15 February 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016: CONTROP Exhibits Automatic Bird & Wildlife Detection and Tracking System and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Systems

At Singapore Airshow 2016, CONTROP Precision Technologies (Stand Q-56), a world leader in Electro Optics and Infrared (EO/IR) technology for surveillance, defence and homeland security solutions, announces that it has entered the field of aviation safety. The threats of bird strikes and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) are continual threats that endanger commercial, civilian and military aircraft safety.  Authorities worldwide have been hunting for truly effective solutions to these potentially deadly and often costly problems.

Developed by the EO/IR experts at CONTROP and their partners at Pharovision, experts in wildlife management solutions for aviation, the INTERCEPTOR automatic detection and tracking system will help prevent collisions between aircraft and individual birds or flocks of birds or other wildlife, be they in the sky, on the ground, or near the runway.  The INTERCEPTOR provides automated scanning and real-time warnings without the need for user interaction. After having been evaluated by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at New York’s La Guardia Airport, the INTERCEPTOR is currently deployed by the FAA at Whidbey Island, Washington, USA for further evaluation.

The SENTINEL FOD detection system provides continuous scanning of runway, taxiway and other tarmac surfaces to detect the presence of FOD.  The integrated and comprehensive system is capable of simultaneously scanning for debris on all tarmac surfaces with the vicinity and between aircraft movements. The system is capable of automatically scanning for other types of targets as well.  
The SENTINEL system has been proven in many of the most challenging airfield environments and exceeds all requirements of the FAA Advisory Circular for FOD Detection Systems.

 “We are delighted to be partnering with Pharovision on a solution to this widespread problem,” Johnny Carni, CONTROP's VP for Marketing & Sales, told MT. “In tests at LGA, our system has shown that it outperforms both human observation and traditional radars, being able to pick up and identify small and very low or very high flying objects such as birds – with accurate detection of single birds at distances of up to 5km (3mi).”

Adapted from CONTROP's globally deployed and proven automatic intruder detection systems, the INTERCEPTOR and SENTINEL systems integrate a Thermal Imaging Camera with advanced Electro-Optics, a Day Camera and a Laser Range Finder. The combination of the continuous zoom lens of the IR camera and the full-color live video cameras,  allows the INTERCEPTOR and the SENTINEL to automatically perform wide area surveillance, providing highly accurate real-time day and night detection and tracking.

With positive results to tests so far, the spokesmen for the two companies expressed confidence that the INTERCEPTOR and the SENTINEL are perfect solutions for safer take-off and landing, and they are hopeful that these state-of-the-art systems will be deployed by many airports, airfields and airbases around the world.