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17 February 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016: IFF for GRIPEN

Finmeccanica,  through  its  Airborne and Space  Systems  division,  has signed  contracts  to  provide Identification,  Friend or  Foe  (IFF)  systems  for  the  Gripen  Next  Generation (Gripen NG) aircraft earmarked for the Air Forces of Sweden and Brazil.  The IFF  systems  will  be  used by  Gripen pilots  to identify  other  aircraft  or  vehicles  as  friendly  (or potentially  unfriendly)  and  to determine  their  bearing  and  range  from  the  aircraft.  Independent  from  the Gripen  NG’s  radar  and other  sensors,  the IFF  system  can look  in a different  direction,  allowing the pilot to use the radar  to  queue-up targets  for  subsequent  identification.  Of  particular  note,  the  IFF  system’s separate antennas give it a wide, more-than 180 degree field of regard, providing operational benefits.

Each  complete  IFF  system  consists  of  a transponder  and  an interrogator.  Also included is  a  crypto customised  in  accordance  with  customer  requirements.  The  transponder,  which  is  the  company’s  Mode 5 M428  model,  is  the same  being offered to the  UK  MoD  to address  NATO's  requirement  for  a new standard of  IFF  across  all  platforms. In addition to the IFF  system,  Finmeccanica  provides  the  Gripen  NG’s  two  other  main  sensors,  the Raven  ES05  AESA  (E-Scan)  radar  and  the  Skyward-G  IRST  (Infrared  Search  &  Track)  passive  sensor. The  contracting arrangements  for  the IFF  systems  will  see  Finmeccanica  provide support  packages  that sustain the IFF in an integrated fashion with these other two sensors.

In  addition  to  the  IFF,  radar  and  IRST,  which  are  under  contract,  Finmeccanica’s  new  BriteCloud Expendable  Active  Decoy  (EAD)  has  been chosen by  Saab  as  an electronic  warfare  option  for  the Gripen  NG. 

Trials  on a Gripen aircraft  in  April  2015  confirmed the safe  and  effective release of  the  BriteCloud EAD and its compatibility with the Gripen’s electronic warfare countermeasures.