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17 February 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016: Indonesian Air Force Light Aircraft Upgrades via Finmeccanica

Finmeccanica,  through its  Airborne and Space Systems  Division,  has signed  with Singapore-based  prime  contractor  Aptronics  PTE  Ltd  to  provide  its  SEER  radar  warning receiver  for  the  Indonesian  Air  Force. 

SEER  is  a  self-protection  system  which  detects  and  identifies potential radar threats and alerts the pilot.  SEER  will  be  installed  on  a  number  of  Mk.209  Hawk  light  multirole  fighter  aircraft  used  by  the Indonesian  Air  Force,  providing  improved  security  protection  for  pilots. 

The  contract  covers  an  initial batch of aircraft for current operations with an option to provide further systems in future. This result  follows  another  recent  success  for  the technology  with the selection of  the  SG200-D  radar warning receiver,  a UK-specific  variant  from  the  SEER  family  of  products,  to provide  an ongoing radar warning  capability  for  the  RAF’s  fleet  of  Puma  and  Chinook  helicopters.  The  SEER  was  also  widely praised  after  it  was  trialled at  the recent  NATO  tactical  leadership programme.  Integrated onto two Czech Air  Force  L-159 Advanced Light  Combat  Aircraft  in  under  three  hours,  the system  identified  air, land and sea-based threats  at  significant  ranges  with a high degree  of  accuracy,  operating with 100% reliability during the exercise.