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16 February 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016: Orbital ATK Features Advanced Products and Capabilities

Orbital ATK, a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, exhibits a wide range of the company’s products and advanced capabilities during the Singapore Airshow 2016 in the US Pavilion, stand Q79.

Participation in the Singapore Airshow 2016 provides Orbital ATK the opportunity to interact with customers within this important market segment and promote products and services encompassing ground, air, sea and space solutions. Solutions include Orbital ATK's ability to upgrade and integrate offensive and defense air capabilities with the Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM), ShotFinder Acoustic Threat Warning System, and the AAR-47 Missile Warning System. Additionally, the company highlights its innovative line of customised gunships that provide allied nations with next generation intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms; and outfitted with a variety of weapon systems.

Orbital ATK also displays HATCHET, its miniature precision strike weapon that can be deployed from a variety of airborne platforms as well as the company’s line of BUSHMASTER Chain Guns and medium-calibre cannons available in 30mm and 40mm configurations.

Orbital ATK  showcases its space capabilities through the exhibition of its line of satellite platforms. Specific products on display include Orbital ATK’s GEOStar-2 and GEOStar-3 geostationary Earth-orbit communications satellite platforms, as well as the company’s medium-, small- and microsatellite-class systems primarily used in low-Earth orbit, as well as other specialised space system architectures. These satellite platforms support a wide variety of customer missions in the defence and intelligence, scientific, remote sensing, hosted payloads and commercial communications markets. The exhibit also features ViviSat’s Mission Extension Vehicle, which provides in-orbit satellite life extension service to virtually all geostationary satellites.

Also highlighted during the event is the company’s expertise in providing lightweight, high-strength composite materials for commercial and military aircraft structures that reduce weight, improve performance and lower lifecycle costs.