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17 February 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016: Saab Demonstrates Advanced Technology and Innovative Thinking

The Asia Pacific region, with Singapore as one of its hubs, is a dynamic and fast-growing market where Saab sees great opportunities across all of its product domains. At the Singapore Airshow 2016 Saab will demonstrate how its advanced technology and innovative thinking pushes the boundries to break through the thought barrier.

"From India to Australia Saab is known as a reliable partner and a source of strategic defence, security and aerospace technology," Dan Enstedt, President, Saab market area Asia Pacific, said. "We stand proudly alongside all of our existing customers in the Asia-Pacific region, and we see great potential to do new business in many more places. The Saab product range speaks for itself; from the Gripen multi-role fighter to advanced submarines like the A26; from our complete radar portfolio on land, sea and air, to our superior ground combat systems; not forgetting our long expertise in command and control and network-powered defence. There is no other company that can match our range of proven, integrated solutions. We are the partner of choice for smart, sustainable progress."

"Saab has been active in Singapore for the past 30 years, supplying the Republic of Singapore Armed Forces with advanced high-tech solutions like submarines, RBS 70 air defences, GIRAFFE radar systems and more," Anders Dahl, Vice President, head of Saab Singapore, explained further. "We are proud of what we have achieved here and we will support our Singaporean customer for another 30 years to come."

Saab products and capabilities on show at Singapore Airshow 2016 include:

  • GRIPEN multi-role fighter
  • ERIEYE airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system
  • Network-Powered Defence Systems
  • Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) solutions with the SWORDFISH mission system
  • Remote Tower air traffic and airport management system
  • GIRAFFE and Sea GIRAFFE surface radar portfolio
  • RBS 70 NG ground-based air defence
  • Ground combat systems (AT4, CARL-GUSTAF, NLAW)
  • Precision engagement systems (RBS15, TAURUS KEPD 350E)
  • 9Air C4I command and control system
The AT4 84mm is featured at Singapore Airshow 2016. (Photo: Saab)