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17 February 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016: ST Engineering Showcasing Excellence

ST Engineering, Singapore’s leading defence and engineering group, is showcasing its technology know-how, proven solutions and battle-tested products. Taking centrestage as the largest participant at the event, ST Engineering will be exhibiting more than 100 products, services and solutions - new and proven – organised into three clusters at its 2,000sqm space: Aviation, Smart Combat and Smart City.

ST Engineering’s businesses - carried out through its subsidiaries ST Aerospace, ST Electronics, ST Kinetics, and ST Marine - have established themselves as global players with world-class standards in their offerings through continuous application of new technologies as well as innovative ideas and engineering.  These businesses now compete in the global arena, as a credible player with innovative and value adding solutions. For example:

  • ST Aerospace is one of the world’s largest providers of airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul services (MRO);
  • ST Electronics designed and developed TeLEOS-1, the 400kg satellite that is orbiting 550km above Earth in a Near Equatorial Obit;
  • ST Kinetics designed and produced the Warthog, battle-tested in Afghanistan, and more recently, the Terrex 2 wheeled armoured vehicle that is one of two vehicles shortlisted for evaluation by the US Marine Corps; and
  • ST Marine designed and built four Patrol Vessels for the Royal Navy of Oman.

ST Engineering’s smart solutions, for air, land and sea, are designed to help our customers, both commercial and defence, stay ahead and achieve the optimal advantage in everything they do,”  Patrick Choy, Executive Vice President for International Marketing at ST Engineering, said.  “This year, we are highlighting how far we have evolved over more than forty years – from being an individual product producer to one with the ability to create sophisticated solutions including systems-of-systems solutions, with an increasing degree of automation.”

The cross-feeding of engineering capabilities and technologies across the ST Engineering’s aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine businesses, underscores the entire Group’s  capability to  address megatrends impacting global aerospace, defence and security world as well as the rapid transformation of cities such as Singapore over the next decade.

The Aviation Cluster: ST Aerospace presents its range of solutions and aftermarket services for commercial airlines, airfreight and military operators.  In the commercial aviation segment, it is showcasing its nose-to-tail solutions covering airframe, engine and component MRO, as well as cabin interior retrofit and modification.  Among its displays are seat solutions, passenger-to-freighter conversion offerings and pilot training programmes.  An in-development virtual pilot training aid is also on show for customers who are looking to enhance their aircraft procedural training. A modernised digital glass C130 cockpit serves as an example of ST Aerospace’s C130 upgrade technologies, among its suite of military MRO and engineering capabilities across various airframe, component and engines platforms.  Its aerospace engineering and technological expertise is also demonstrated by a range of advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for commercial and military missions, including a proof of concept of an Unmanned Hybrid Vehicle that can be rapidly deployed for underwater missions.

The Smart Combat Cluster: The Smart Combat cluster demonstrates ST Engineering’s application of cutting edge technology across its businesses to offer possibilities to shape future fighting capability, and help modernise armed forces. It showcases capabilities and technology in improving soldiers’ fighting ability, while achieving systems-of-systems solutions for fighting platforms.  The Group has gone further, connecting soldiers within systems to bring about a network-centric force to provide overmatched advantage for the fighting force in the field even with higher echelon combat power.  With solutions in the areas of manned/unmanned interface, network connectivity, battlefield management systems and weapon systems, ST Engineering is able to fulfill the increasing demand of armed forces for integrated defence solutions that do more with less to manage soldier's loads, while enhancing their soldier effectiveness to influence a larger area of the battlefield.

The Smart City Cluster: As Governments everywhere, including Singapore, embark on smarter planning of their cities, ST Engineering has been stepping up its development of infocomm technologies to enhance communications, mobility, public safety and security – solutions that will result in improved public services and quality of life.  The Group’s Smart City products and services at the show include large-scale sensor grids that monitor and controls infrastructure assets like streetlights, safety and security solutions, satellite communications and wireless network solutions to enhance connectivity, as well as smart healthcare solutions that manage real-time data to provide greater insights and improved decision-making for healthcare operators.

Outside of the three clusters, the Group has put up a special zone to demonstrate how its UAV and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) could be deployed to perform situational assessment, collaboratively and effectively.  In a scenario depicting a disaster aftermath, these unmanned vehicles, equipped with payloads such as sensors, cameras and network communications systems show how they could conduct a rescue mission to pinpoint survivors rapidly.  The capability of the unmanned vehicles in this scenario is augmented by the use of ST Electronics’ Searchman Survivor Locator System, which detects the possible locations of disaster casualties by the signals from their mobile devices.  This suite of solution addresses the current need to improve rescue abilities in natural and man-made disasters, which are unfortunately rising in reported frequency.