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17 February 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016: TheMIS ADDER Weaponised UGV Makes Debut

On of the world’s first modular hybrid unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), the Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS) made its appearance at the show. Co-developed by ST Kinetics and Estonian defence solutions provider Milrem, the TheMIS ADDER (a variant where the THeMIS UGV integrates the ADDER Remote Weapon Station -RWS) is a weaponised UGV equipped with a remote weapon station.

The THeMIS UGV is a multi-purpose smart ground system that allows different superstructures to be integrated onto the middle vehicular platform for complex and hazardous missions. Its versatility not only increases efficiency but also significantly reduces operational costs and risks.

Lightweight and stabilised for accuracy, ST Kinetics' ADDER range of RWS can be mounted on tracked or wheeled armoured fighting or logistics vehicles, as well as UGVs. Remotely operated below deck or from a control console, the ADDER provides protection for the operator as it is operated below deck. The ADDER range includes variants mounted with various weapon combinations to meet different user needs.