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16 February 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016: UMS Skeldar Announces Contracts

UMS Skeldar has won managed services and training contracts across regions including the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Europe, covering sectors comprising border surveillance, cross border smuggling, urban surveillance, and pipeline protection, helping its customers to gather the necessary intelligence they require quickly and efficiently.

One such contract in South East Asia will involve UMS Skeldar providing a six-week train-the-trainer course through key Indonesian partner, Putrindo Adiyassa Perkasa. Incorporating three F-330 fixed wing systems, which can be deployed in applications including convoy support, route surveillance, reconnaissance and direct support, the intensive training programme has been designed to provide operatives with all aspects of UAV management from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) through to UAV piloting. Beginning at the end of February, the contract will last six-eight weeks.

"The contract with our Indonesian partner is a prime example of the type of service we offer," David Willems, Global Business Director for UMS Skeldar, explained. "We are not just a hardware manufacturer; instead we provide a total UAV and systems ground control package, incorporating all of the training, management protocols and documentation an organisation requires to gather the intelligence it needs to complete the surveillance tasks at hand."

Further contracts won include a managed services package with the Singapore Police, which incorporated both ISR and concept of operations (CONOPS) training. In this instance, the Singapore Police required the intelligence to be able to create its own concept of operations, which in turn resulted in it taking decisions around what it required in the future.

"We are having significant success with our managed services contracts across the globe," Willems continued. "These, combined with our leading-edge portfolio incorporating both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft that cover the 3-12+ hour endurance range, mean we are now in a position to lead the industry into 2016 and beyond."