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22 February 2016

Textron Systems to Provide Ukraine with SCTV Armoured Vehicles

Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems has recently won a contract with SpetsTechnoExport (STE), a subsidiary of Ukroboronprom, for the sale of three Survivable Combat Tactical Vehicles (SCTV), with deliveries expected six months after Textron receives an export license.

The SCTV features a fully-armoured, monocoque v-hull crew survivability capsule, engine upgrades, and suspension enhancements. Using patented armour technologies, the SCTV is equipped to handle a variety of missions including fire support, C2, reconnaissance, engineer support, and troop transport. The vehicle is comprised of three modular upgrade kits that offer superior crew protection while restoring lost vehicle performance and extending the life span of the vehicle.(Photo. Textron)

We are excited to be working with Ukroboronprom on upgrading its HMMWVs to the SCTV,” Textron Systems Director of Business Operations, Europe and Africa, Bear Midkiff, explained. “With this contract marking the first sale of our SCTV, this is a great accomplishment for Textron. In addition, we are honoured to be ‘the other half’ of this new, exciting relationship with Ukraine.”

For this contract, Textron Systems will provide STE with basic operator’s manuals and operator-level maintenance manuals. For the current contract with Ukraine, Textron is building the SCTV capsules and will integrate them with a procured HMMWV chassis from US supply.