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22 February 2016

Thales Modernises German Navy’s Tactical Trainer

The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and in Source Support (BAAINBw) has awarded Thales a contract to modernise the German Navy's tactical and procedural trainer (TVTM1) at the naval training centre (MOS) in Bremerhaven. After more than ten years of almost unmodified operation, the IT infrastructure has become outdated and is no longer sustainable. As a result, the regeneration of the simulators is scheduled to be completed by August 2018. The tactical and procedural naval trainer prepares officers in administration, commanders and command teams of warships for missions and exercises.

Thales to modernise German Navy Tactical Centre Trainers. (Photo: Thales)

"With this project we solve the deterioration problems of existing systems and increase the capabilities of the tactical naval centre by participating in national and international simulated training and mission preparations," Brunhilde Henze, project manager at BAAINBw S6.3 in Wilhelmshaven, explained.

In detail, the order covers the regeneration of the "VT-MOS2," "TVT," and "TacFloor3" tactical trainers last used in the TMZ4 Navy Tactics Centre (VT-MOS2: The procedural trainer predominantly prepares sergeants - with and without tassel - and young officers for practical operational service; TacFloor3: On the TacFloor, situations, for example during operational map games, can be projected in a large format on the floor and/or a wall. This form of representation is particularly suited for larger course groups who need to jointly evaluate a tactical situation).

A new reference system and a new software development environment will additionally be supplied for the simulators. With the regenerated trainer systems, the tactical naval centre will also have the future capability to maintain the training of navy operators – covering a wide range of ranks – at a very high level. In addition, the capability to participate in networked simulation exercises on a national and international scale will be increased for the simulators. To this end, the replacement of the simulated training environment based on the HLA5 and DIS6 is essential. Within the modernised system, the tactical data exchange between the simulated and real participants takes place via Link 11, 16 and 22.

"With the current decision of Navy leaders concerning the future design of mission training, the education and training of crews and administrative officers using synthetic mission scenarios has become more important. In future, the TMZ will play a central role in this training network with the regenerated system," Navy Captain Norbert Schatz, Commander of the TMZ at the naval training centre, added.

The order affirms our excellent relationship with the German Navy and their trust in our competence. We are pleased that with the modernisation of the trainers at TZM we are able to continue serving our national Navy and thus gain a valuable international reference”, Thomas Schwonke, Director of Above Water Systems at Thales in Germany, concluded.

The naval training centre in Bremerhaven provides training for operational tasks on board of ships and boats. Courses in navigation, electronic combat, signalling and general operations are held. In the tactical centre of the Navy, the fleet trains its mission procedures. The range of tasks covers simple radar through to complex planning exercises in cooperation with naval headquarters. Surface vessels are supported during the command team training. Here the teams of the ships and boats can be prepared for impending missions. Foreign navies also utilise the training facilities of the tactical centre.