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15 March 2016

C. G. Haenel Wins Special Forces Tenders

The Suhl-Germany based hunting and law enforcement guns manufacturer C. G. Haenel GmbH announced at  Enforce Tac 2016 in Nuremberg/Germany that they successfully participated at a number of governmental tenders and received corresponding orders for manufacturing at their factory.

The first success was the new G29 sniper rifle for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr - KSK and Kampfschwimmer). At the show they convincingly presented the sniper rifle family of the RS9 – it will be introduced to the Bundeswehr under the name G29. The .338 Lapua Magnum calibre sniper rifle RS9 is an invention made by the company itself. The sand coloured rifles (RAL 8000) are supplied as a complete system, including accessories. The weapon system will use a Steiner 5-25x56 riflescope, a dragonfly with bracket mounting (ERA TAC mount by Recknagel), a required mount for a not fixed and not delivered red dot optic, an SD-12065 silencer of B&T as well as a shooting mat, carrying frame and backpack by Lindnerhof-Taktik. C. G. Haenel has prevailed against other local and foreign competitors in a competition lasting several months.

G29 at Enforce Tac 2016. (Photos: AF)

Steiner 5-25x56 riflescope on G29.

Next to the Bundeswehr, some Special Forces of the police have opted for the RS8 Compact (52’’ barrel, standard is 61’’) from Suhl as well. The RS8 is the smaller brother of the RS9/G29 with a calibre of .308, the police is buying 30 weapons to replace older ones.

The Haenel model CR223 is enriched by a new, presentable reference as well: Special Forces of the Police will be equipped with more than 100 of this semi-automatic calibre .223 Rem. rifle in the future (until the end of the year). Again this rifle was developed further, upgraded and produced at the Thuringian factory under the AR15 standards. They will be delivered in different barrel length 10/14,5 und 16,5‘‘ and configuration, e.g. with an ELCAN scope.

Andre Forkert