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28 March 2016

DEFEXPO 2016: Buzz from the Floor

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presents a wide range of strategic systems, including special mission aircraft such as AEW&C (ELM-2090) and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) maritime defence solutions including the HERON MALE unmanned aerial system (UAS) in Goa, India.

IAI also features air and missile defense and loitering weapon systems such as the MRSAM/LRSAM BARAK 8 air & missile defence system and the Green DRAGON, a tactical, low-cost loitering weapon designed to provide small ground and special operations units with significant situational awareness and firepower in a compact envelope. Radar and communications systems include the Drone GUARD (ELI-4030)- for drone detection, identification and flight disruption; the Green ROCK (ELM 2138) – a mobile autonomous tactical counter rocket, artillery & mortar system; and CIMS (Counter IED and Mine Suite) – an integrated suite of sensors, for protection of tactical maneuvering vehicles.

IAI has a 25+ year history of demonstrated strategic cooperation with India’s defence forces and industry. The company collaborates with many Indian companies (both public and private) and works closely with all branches of the Indian Armed Forces to support the governments’ “Make in India” policy. IAI has been involved in many development programmes for India’s Navy and Air Force, in cooperation with the Indian Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) and Indian defence industries, such as the joint development of long-range surface-to-air missiles with Bharat Electronics Limited India (BEL). These projects include joint production of subsystems, such as a recent teaming agreement with Alpha Design to produce IAI’s mini-UAVs in India. This teaming agreement will better position IAI’s mini-UAVs to potential customers in India, including security agencies, coastguards, defense organizations and border security forces. Ongoing projects with India include the BARAK 8, co-developed with India as part of the LRSAM naval air defence; MRSAM land-based air defense systems; various types of radars; and large numbers of HERON UAS.


On stand #1.1.3-i, ORBIT Communication Systems introduces an innovative airborne stabilised VSAT antenna system for various aircraft, providing high throughput and quality broadband communication via satellite. The company has already received an order for several AIRTRx 60 systems from an Asian customer. Designed to accommodate the regional and global coverage needs of the airborne communication market, the low-weight AirTRx 60 is built to empower critical applications. AirTRx 60 complies with the most stringent worldwide SatCom regulations and certifications, including RTCA/DO-160G. Following the demand from the government and defense market, ORBIT released its MPT 60 Airborne VSAT Antenna systems suitable for mission aircraft and UAVs. AirTRx 60 and MPT 60 support Ku or Ka bands, featuring outstanding RF performance and dynamic response under virtually any operating environment.  Switching between RF bands requires a simple replacement of the feed. Additional features include among the rest: multiband support, minimal swept volume, short lead time, INS and RF tracking.

AirTRx 60


Magal Security Systems is highlighting its fibre-optic sensors for fence, pipeline, and dataline protection at the show. The company has completed development of its new generation of FiberPatrol-PR, which enables coverage of pipes over large distances from a single control point.

FiberPatrol-PR provides protection of over 70 kilometers against Third Party Interference (TPI) for buried pipelines – with the sensor cable buried alongside the pipes.


ROBOTEAM introduces its new generation of PROBOT tactical multipurpose UGV at DEFEXPO India 2016. The new generation includes upgraded communications and navigation capabilities, higher carrying capacity, enhanced maneuverability, and a safety mechanism. The PROBOT (Professional Robot) is the only tactical multipurpose platform designed for urban terrain and outdoor operations. Its unique abilities include carrying heavy payloads and a variety of add-ons while maintaining high speeds, outstanding maneuverability over various obstacles, low thermal signature and performance of semi-autonomous missions. It is extremely versatile and can carry up to 750kg., climb stairs and maneuver directly to a point of interest, even in confined areas, enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of small ground forces. The PROBOT can work for 8 to 10 hours at a maximum distance of 38km under normal conditions.

"The area of logistic robots holds great potential," Yosi Wolf, CO-CEO of ROBOTEAM, said. "These days, when soldiers are expected to carry more and more weight, the ideal solution is to simply move the load from the soldier to the robot by his side. The PROBOT system has been in use for several years by a number of customers with great success. We have worked together with our customers to make adjustments and upgrades to match PROBOT to their needs. At Defexpo, we are happy to present the new generation of PROBOT that implements today's most cutting-edge technologies."

The new generation PROBOT delivers significant upgrades. Carrying capacity has expanded to handle up to 10 fighter bags, enabled by a ruggedized rack. A new control unit (ROCU 1) allows short-distance navigation, and 5 day-and-night cameras provide 360° coverage for non-line-of-sight piloting. A new antenna upgrades communications with a control range of up to 1.5 kilometers.  The antenna features a peer-to-peer mobile ad hoc network (MANET), low latency command and control, secure high bandwidth data (up to 40 Mbps), data & video transfer, multiple video streams, a 2.3-2.5 GHz frequency range, and FIPS 140-2 security. In the area of maneuverability, upgrades include front and rear bumpers in case of collisions, front and rear tails for preventing overturning, and new wheels that enable movement on any type of terrain.


Noga Einat Shoe Industries, a supplier of professional footwear for military and para-military uses, serving armies, police forces, Special Forces, anti-riot and anti-terror units worldwide, announced the completion of construction, together with Indian company Rahman Group, of a high-end plant in India for the manufacture of military footwear. The companies are expanding their cooperation and increasing their marketing efforts towards the local market.


CONTROP signed an agreement with the Indian company, Defsys Solutions, where Defsys will market and locally produce CONTROP's advanced electro-optical solutions for the Indian market.