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31 March 2016

DEFEXPO 2016: IAI Concludes a Successful Show

At the conclusion of India’s defence exhibition ‘Defexpo’ 2016 that took place in Goa, India this week, IAI announced that it has finalised new sales worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the past quarter. Those sales covered Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), air defence and radar systems, among others.

IAI top executives that participated at the event have met many of India’s senior leadership of India’s defence and security organisations. Joseph Weiss, President and CEO of IAI opened the Israeli pavilion at Defexpo 2016 on behalf of Israel’s defense companies.

The sales signed in the past months strengthen India’s position as a major partner of IAI.” Weiss said. “India has unique operational requirements, and IAI is dedicating its best talents, technologies and capabilities to meet those challenges. We will continue our long-term, strategic partnership with India, meet our customers expectations and implement ‘Make In India’ policy lead by India’s Prime Minister.”

At the event IAI displayed advanced systems of interest to the Indian customers, many of them operationally proven in India. Among the new systems introduced here were radar systems providing early warning against mortar attacks and improvised explosive charges (IEDs).

IAI has been operating and selling advanced defence products to the Indian ministry of Defense and other government organizations for the past 25 years, through a strategic partnership that span many areas. Through the years IAI established subcontracting, cooperation agreements and joint ventures with numerous Indian companies and expanded its operation and cooperation with military branches, navy and air force, coast guard, border security and other agencies.
This cooperation also spans to joint research and development, for example in the Barak-8 air defense system, in its naval and land-based configurations, various radar systems, unmanned systems and more.

Pictures show:
*Joseph Weiss, President and CEO of IAI opening the Israeli pavilion at Defexpo 2016 on behalf of Israel’s defence companies.
*Barak 8 System
* Heron-1 UAS