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15 March 2016

Dornier 228’s Tour Continues with Success

The tour of the Dornier 228, organised by RUAG Aviation, is continuing its planned route over Latin America, where the plane is being shown to all interested governments and companies.

Dornier 228 shown in Bogota, Colombia, 11-14 March.

After the stop in Mexico, where the plane was shown to government officials, military and security personnel and civil companies, the Dornier 228 headed to Panama City on 6 March, to be exhibited at Albrook Field Airport, close to the Panama Canal, where local companies and government functionaries visited the plane and were introduced on its capabilities and performance.

From Panama, the Dornier 228 flew to Guayaquil, in Ecuador. Again, organisations of the government and civil companies were invited to know the plane and demonstration flights were made for the guests.

Dornier 228's success climbing high.

Next was the turn for Bogota, the capital of Colombia, a country with an increasing aviation development and where the geography makes the airplane the ideal mean of transportation. Dornier has a long history in the country, since the predecessor of Avianca, Scadta, and the Colombian Military Aviation, started using Dornier planes since the early thirties. At El Dorado International Airport, the Dornier 228 was shown at the Helistar FBO.

Now, the plane had landed in Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, to take part on the Caribbean Security Conference (CABSEC), to be held from 15 to 17 March and where the main people related to security all across the Caribbean Region will be present.

The next stops will be in Peru and then the participation at FIDAE airshow in Chile.

The performance of the Dornier 228 with its STOL capabilities and a high cruise speed, with very good hot and high performance, makes the plane a good option for operations on the Andes or the Amazon, among other difficult areas of Latin America. Also, for maritime surveillance and SAR operations, it’s an unparalleled platform, thanks to its performance and the space to carry all the needed equipment.

Santiago Rivas