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02 March 2016

Enforce Tac/IWA 2016: Competence in Clothing

Established in 1998, ECS-Textile Engineering & Pattern Design, located in Nordhorn, Germany (situated on the Dutch boarder, the city of Nordhorn has long been at the forefront of the German textile industry), prides itself on giving both great attention to detail and responding to the functional challenges of the textile sector.

The company's founders, Jörn Eckert and Irma Eckert-Commandeur, learned to deal with both standard fabrics and technical textiles from the base line up. Their affinity with fabric has helped build the vision of the company’s basic principle: “ECS Always Fits.” ECS originally started out in the fashion industry and has over the years supported various fashion houses and designers in production planning. The company has since expanded to incorporate some superb ranges of technical fabrics, which are designed especially for military use, including their latest Sabre-Camo and Urban-Camo (shown below).

ECS offers their customers full service packages, including help in selecting the grading of fabric required right through to assistance in quantity calculations. After an initial appropriate sample is produced for the customer, mass production also can also be monitored and overseen. ECS are proud of the fact that because they are still a factory they are able to focus more on providing the detailed and individual requirements of their customers. In both, workwear (corporate identity) and military business, the customers can have high demands on materials and functionality. ECS can also help, even if only small numbers of specialist items are required for departments such as Special/Task Forces. Tailor-made items are a must, if the focus is on perfect fit and comfort (e.g. sniper missions).

Nowadays with the rapid change in requirements and technical development, it is essential to shorten the time between idea and issue to the user. ECS ensure that the time from idea to delivery is kept to a minimum but without compromise. ECS also develops their own innovative products to meet requirements of the niche market. An example of this is their “Shielding Military Bag” (below).

ECS Shielding Military Bag.

This bag is used for isolation, transportation and preservation of evidence (cell phones, laptops , PDAs, hard discs ). By using silver threads, the content is safe and almost 100% protected concerning the following frequency ranges: CDMA, GSM G1, G2, G3, Bluetooth. The sizes of the bags can be customised for the end user. Particularly innovative, as mentioned above, is the newly developed Sabre camouflage . This has already been tested by various military users under mission conditions. The feedback was quite positive and the users were impressed, especially by the IR-characteristics of the cloths. A new urban camouflage was also developed by ECS and has received a good feedback from task forces.

ECS also supply the military with a wide range of general parts ranging from ground support Equipment to various aircraft parts.
Andre Forkert