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03 March 2016

Enforce Tac/IWA 2016: Flash Hider Minimises Muzzle Flash

Swedish Ordnance developed a family of flash hiders for Heavy Machine Guns (HMGs) like the Browning M2, NSV, and DShK-M that "reduce muzzle flash to near nothing." The firm's Director, Per-Inge Nilsson, noted that their flash hiders - called FH1401-1403 - can be used even when low-cost surplus ammunition is being used. The device can easily be installed and removed within seconds, he said, for which the company developed a unique fixation method. The HMG shown in Nuremberg outfitted with the FH1401 also featured Saab's weapon recoil technology widely found on pintle mounts and Remote Weapon Stations (RWS).
Stefan Nitschke

Flash Hider 1401 mounted on a Browning M2 HMG. (Photo: Stefan Nitschke)