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02 March 2016

Enforce Tac/IWA 2016: MINOX Releases ZP and ZE Series of Riflescopes

In 2015, MINOX unveiled its ZP series as a premium line of riflescopes for the public sector. An enhanced version – especially regarding the scope turret and the adjustment per click – has recently been released. Seeking high quality and perfection down to the last detail, the new product line with the models ZP8 1-8x24, ZP5 3-15x50, and ZP5 5-25x56 offers the right tool for every intended purpose.

The ZP8 1-8x24 is perfect for an extremely wide range of applications - for the fast shot at close range up to the precision shot at longer distances. It features a combination of one reticle at the 1st focal plane and a second daylight illuminated reticle at the 2nd focal plane, which is activated between 1x and 2.5x magnification – dimmable in 9 steps; 8x magnification: true 1x magnification for high speed targeting at close quarters and 8x maximum magnification for precision at greater distances; CCR technology for a quick reaction und unrestricted concentration on the target; 10mrad single turn (ST) elevation setting with zero stop; parallax free adjusted at 200m, and reticle variations: MR10+, MR10, A8-D.

MINOX ZP8 1-8x24 (All Photos: MINOX)

The ZP5 3-15x50 is the universal tactical riflescope with a wide range of use. The 3x magnification offers a large field of view for operations at close quarters whereas the 15x magnification guarantees the necessary range when needed.

MINOX ZP5 3-15x50

The ZP5 5-25x56 is the long range riflescope for every situation where excellent detail recognition and extreme shooting ranges are required, and where the best possible field of view at 5x magnification is guaranteed.

MINOX ZP5 5-25x56

Further features according to the manufacturer include: A larger eye relief of 90mm to allow quick reaction in the aiming position, and the ZP models are water-resistant up to 5 m, being filled with Argon noble gas.

With their in-the-field oriented features, the ZP TAC riflescopes provide the highest possible reliability under the most stringent of conditions – fulfilling various optical and mechanical MIL-standards (e.g. MIL-STD 810 for environmental conditions).

ZP TAC product features include:

  • Robust and extremely shock resistant construction for highest shooting stability and repetition accuracy,
  • 34mm solid tube made from aircraft grade aluminium,
  • Complex optical design and special glass provide highest image quality even at the edges of the field of view,
  • M* multi-coating on the optical elements provide excellent light transmission, contrast and colour rendition, even in difficult light situations,
  • Very large field of view for best overview,
  • Large eye relief of 90mm for greater safety,
  • Quickly adjustable dioptre adjustment; optionally rubber armoured or out of aluminium if to be used with robust protective caps,
  • Sophisticated tactical reticles for every situation,
  • Illuminated reticle for unlimited concentration on the target regardless of the light situation, with automatic deactivation after six hours, and
  • Waterproof down to 15m – argon gas purged and fogproof.

Furthermore, MINOX announced a new ZE tactical line, also designated for the public sector.
Designed for the needs of shooters within government authorities, the three ZE TAC series riflescopes offer maximum flexibility and precision for short and long shooting distances. Equipped with a 34mm tube, an illuminated reticle and a 5x magnification, the shooter will quickly discover the features for which MINOX is known: Precision, quality and reliability. And all this attributed to the shock-resistant aluminium housing even under extreme conditions.

The ZE 5i 3-15x56 SF TAC is a multi-functional riflescope for use at close and medium ranges - 34mm centre tube and double turn. The ZE 5i 5-25x56 SF TAC is especially designed for long-range precision shooting - 34mm center tube and double turn.

MINOX ZE 5i 3-15x56 SF TAC
MINOX ZE 5i 5-25x56 SF TAC

ZE TAC product features include:

  • 34mm centre tube,
  • 5x magnification,
  • Large field of view for quick positioning,
  • Special high-tech optical glass provides excellent image quality and light transmission,
  • M* multi-coating on the optical elements,
  • Solid and extremely shock resistant aluminium housing,
  • Twilight reticle with 11 levels of brightness at the 1st image plane,
  • Automatic deactivation of the illumination,
  • Precise elevation and windage settings and parallax compensation in the SF models,
  • Double turn elevation setting (2 turns) with visible indicator during the 2nd turn,
  • Elevation setting: 28 mrad (3–15x56 and 5–25x56),
  • High grade Argon gas purged for ideal protection of the interior elements,
  • Waterproof and fogproof, and 
  • Reticle variations: MR10-E, Mildot.

The MINOX ZE 5i 3-15x56 / ZE 5i 5-25x56 SF TAC feature common standard reticles for tactical riflescopes, simple and easy to read: Each dot is positioned at 1mrad intervals and are clearly seen even under adverse conditions; the symmetric bars aid to quickly centre on the target. The illuminated crosshair in the centre measures 1x1mrad for fast distance determination and point-of-aim correction. Through carefully selected dimensions of the reticle, target values can be determined with an accuracy of 0.1 mrad when determining distances.