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02 March 2016

Enforce Tac/IWA 2016: New Prism Sights for Close and Medium-Range Engagement

Close- and medium-range engagements require lightweight, quick-to-point optics. Steiner new M536 and M332 prism sights provide a fast, clear aiming point in all light conditions.

The new M536 features an oversized 36mm objective lens for optimal light gathering and brighter images. The fixed 5x magnification and illuminated ballistic reticle ensure more rounds on target with accuracy out to 700 metres.

Close and medium range engagements require lightweight, quick-to-point sights. The lean M536 provides a fast, clear aiming point in all light conditions and battlefield scenarios. An oversized, 36mm objective lens gathers more light for a brighter image, 5x magnification puts rounds on target out to 700 metres, and the 10-setting illuminated reticle lets you instantly transition from close-quarter to medium-range targets, day or night. Close- to medium-range tactical sight with multi-coated 36mm objective, 5x magnification, illuminated day/night ballistic reticle. Waterproof, shockproof, tough, and utterly reliable. (All Photos: Steiner)

The M332 offers fixed 3x magnification and a slightly smaller footprint with its 32mm objective. It’s a perfect match for carbine and patrol rifles.

Close and medium range engagements require lightweight, quick-to-point sights. The M332 provides a compact 32mm objective, 3x fixed magnification and illuminated ballistic reticle. This is the smaller version of the rugged M536, ideal for carbines and patrol rifles in close- to medium-range encounters.

Both offer 10 illumination settings that make target acquisition easy in any light as well as instant transition from close-quarter combat to medium-range targets. Other features include:

  • Fully adjustable windage and elevation with up to 70 MOA of elevation
  • Picatinny base on the top for mounting auxiliary sights
  • Quick detach mount that adapts to any MIL-STD 1913 rail
  • Waterproof and submersible to 10 meters
  • Tested to 1,000 Gs for shock and recoil resistance
  • Powered by one CR2032 battery