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04 March 2016

Enforce Tac/IWA 2016: New Walther Guns

At this year’s IWA Outdoor Classics the Carl Walther Company, founded in 1886, is celebrating its 130th anniversary. On the occasion of that jubilee, Carl Walther presents (as a start) three new large-calibre pistols:
  • The .45 ACP version of the PPQ, the WALTHER PPQ45, which has already been introduced in the USA and will now be offered worldwide due to the great interest it attracted.
  • The WALTHER PPS M2, a new 9mm Luger version of this compact pistol, with three different magazine sizes, and
  • The WALTHER Q5 MATCH, also 9mm Luger, especially designed for competitions.
  • Furthermore there will be an official presentation of
  • The WALTHER KK500 competition rifle in .22 l.r., which according to the manufacturer already received a lot of positive response among top-shooters worldwide, and
  • Two special limited editions of the LG400 and the LP400.

Also introduced is the Carl Walther “Meister Manufaktur,” a custom workshop for tailor-made craftsmanship. Under the guidance of Master gunsmith Matthias Schulzendorf the manufacturer will offer unique Walther guns designed according to the customer’s wishes – from unique top grade walnut stocks to engravings, from tuning to individual colours. Customers can receive their personal “Meister Manufaktur”-gun in the factory, in combination with a guided tour through the factory and the Walther Museum.

Andre Forkert