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06 March 2016

Enforce Tac/IWA 2016: Premiers by MINOX

At their IWA booth, MINOX is showing some new tactical equipment. We already reported about the new high-end ZP riflescope series.
New are also the spotting scopes MD 60 ZR and MINOX 80 ZR with MIL reticle. They are fully compatible with standard MIL reticles on found on tactical style riflescopes.
Aimed at sporting rifle shooters and law enforcement agencies the MD 60 ZR and MD 80 ZR straight spotting scopes feature a MIL reticle fitted in the first focal plane for accurate and reliable distance determination and terrain orientation. The reticle is divided into precise 0.2 mrad marks at the centre, with an additional AQRAS and mrad scale.
Users of the MD 60 ZR and MD 80 ZR can easily and quickly communicate distance, elevation and windage to a shooter who is using a riflescope with a MIL reticle of the same scale.
The two new spotting scopes also feature a newly designed lens mirror system meaning the scopes are extremely compact and 20% shorter than conventional straight spotting scopes. Equipped with an infinitely adjustable eyepiece for 12-40x or 20-60x magnification, they also boast powerful, high-quality optical systems that deliver brilliant, high contrast images with natural colour rendition.
The entrance pupil of 60mm or 80mm guarantees bright imaging while the integrated fixed wide-angle eyepieces of 12x-40x or 20x-60x magnification bring objects close enough to allow the user to experience high-resolution details and supreme image quality.
The internal components of the MD 60 ZR and MD 80 ZR are cased in robust and impact-resistant metal housing while the non-slip rubber armouring ensure the scopes are easy to grip in all weather conditions. The spotting scopes also feature dustproofing, waterproofing up to a depth of five metres, and nitrogen purging which prevents corrosion and fogging up of the lenses, even in extreme fluctuations of temperature.
Both scopes also incorporate an integrated anti-twist tripod mount, allowing easy attachment to a tripod, and come with a carrying case. They will be available mid 2016.

New tactical binocular
MINOX launches the BV 10x42 TAC binoculars with MIL reticle for hunters and law enforcers.
The key feature of the BV 10x42 TAC is its MIL reticle, which features precise 0.5 mrad marks at the centre, and is fully compatible with standard MIL reticles found in tactical style riflescopes. This incorporation of the MIL reticle means a spotter looking through the binoculars sees exactly the same technical picture as the rifle shooter and can precisely advise on distance, bullet drop and aim off required.
Lightweight, compact and rugged the BV 10x44 features an impressive state-of-the-art optical system with multi-coated lenses that provide high light transmission and natural colour rendition. The phase correction coating of the roof prisms also ensures exceptionally detailed and high contrast image rendition, even in poor light.
Shock absorption is provided by tough rubber armoring and the excellent surface grip ensures reliable hold at all times. The BV 10x44 also features an innovative sealing technology that not only protects the internal elements from dust penetration but also waterproofs the binoculars to a depth of five metres. In addition, nitrogen purging provides corrosion protection and prevents fogging of the glass surfaces, even in extreme fluctuations of temperature.
Rotating rubber eyecups with easy-to-use click also make the new BV 10x44 TAC the perfect binocular for users who wear glasses by ensuring they can see the entire field of view without vignetting.

Prototypes of a new riflescope series
Also shown are the first prototypes of the ZET riflescope series. These are tactical versions of the ZE hunting series. Not as high-end as the tactical ZP series, but with a lower price. There will be two scopes: 3-15x50 and 5-25x50.

Andre Forkert