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04 March 2016

Enfore Tac/IWA 2016: New Multirotor Unveiled

RKM RotorKonzept Multikoptermanufaktur unveiled SURVEILLOR S, a 2.8kg multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for close-range (up to 2,000m) aerial surveillance. Based on previous models - RKM 8X and RKM 8X SURVEILLOR - the newly developed airframe will be more compact, said CEO Rouven Kandel, carrying various miniaturised sensor payloads for acquiring real-time aerial imagery. The drone's payload capacity is 200g, according to Kandel, who added that a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera with object tracking capability will be an option. He also told S&SI that the whole platform was specifically designed to carry the highly miniaturised sensor turret.

The SURVEILLOR S prototype made on the basis of 3D printing technology. (Photo: STN)

Stefan Nitschke