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30 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: Aselsan Showcasing COMINT/SIGINT Aircraft

Turkey has issued a request for information (RfI) for a manned reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft (IKU in Turkish). The procurement agency, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM), released the RfI to which potential bidders replied on 12 August. The RfI specifies that the required aircraft will be “manned.” It did not specify the number of aircraft to be acquired. But procurement sources said a total of five aircraft would be purchased.

At FIDAE, Aselsan showcased what seems to be their entry in this tender as a model, but declined to comment on it specifically being for this RfI. Aselsan at the show explained their are showcasing a model of a COMINT/SIGINT aircraft to inform on their capabilities in this sector.