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31 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: Diamond Aircraft Showcases Multipurpose Platform

Diamond Aircraft, manufacturer of special aircraft for flight schools, private operators as well as international gouvernemental organisations, showcases its DA42 MPP multipurpose platform as static display at FIDAE. Based on Diamond’s DA42 NR Modell this special mission aircraft according to its manufacturer combines long endurance (up to 12 hours) with low full consumption of its two turbocharged 168hp engines made by Austroengines, subsidiary of Diamond (35 litres of Jet A1 per hour). DA42 MPP is equipped with a Garmin G1000 Glas cockpit and has a maximum takeoff-weight of 1999kg with a max. payload of 634kg, including a 85kg nosepod and a 80kg belly pod. Further features include max. speed of 344km/h and a max. altitude of 5486 metres.

The system according to Diamond can be equipped with a large variety of sensors. It can be delivered as DA42 MPP GUARDIAN version (ISR platform) and a GEOSTAR version for surveillance cities, landscapes or critical infrastructures. Also an optionally piloted version (OPPV) augmented by Aeronautics is available. In Latin America the aircraft for example is used by the Armed Forces of Venezuela (6 units). After FIDAE the aircraft will go on tour: stations e.g. will be in Chile, Argentine,  Bolivia and Equador.
Alexander Kolberg