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31 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: DND Showcases Handheld Weapons Systems

Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) is presenting its RGW 90 (recoilless grenade weapon) series at FIDAE, booth E69. The handheld weapons systems are designed for single use and according to DND their multipurpose warheads with adjustable effects provide soldiers with the possibility to escalate according to the respective situation, from a minimum to a maximum effect.

The RGW 90 (calibre 90mm, weight 8,7kg) standard version has a range of 20-300m and can be operated in HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) and HESH (high explosive sqash head) mode. Its penetration performance according to DND exceeds 500mm rolled homogenous armour (RHA), 300mm tripple brick wall and 250mm reinforced concrete.

In cooperation with the German Army, DND also developed the RGW 90-LRMP (long range multi purpose) system, according to the manufacturer much more than an enhanced version of RGB 90. Having a range of up to 1200m the weapon (weight <10kg) provides soldiers with selectable modes of operation in one round, including air burst at programmable distance, detonation on impact, and delayed detonation after impact.
Alexander Kolberg

Picture shows a 7.62mm small calibre training weapon (SCTW) and the above mentioned RGW 90-LRMP and RGW 90 (from top to bottom), produced by DND. (Photo: Alexander Kolberg)