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31 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: Embraer Implementing Border Control System in Brazil

Savis Tecnologias e Sistemas, subsidiary of EMBRAER Defence & Security, is currently step by step implementing the SISFRON border control system alongside 16000km of the land borders of Brasil. The integrated system, mainly basing on platforms and solutions provided by EMBRAER and its subsidiaries, mainly aims at providing Brazil with the ability to make a better use of their security forces (armed forces, environments police,...) for example in the fight against drug trafficking and contraband activities, often conducted in regions with low population density.

SISFRON uses a variety of mobil and fixed surveillance systems, including the SENTIR M20 radar made by BRADAR, infrared (IR) cameras, and unmanned aereal vehicles (UAV). Findings are reported to command & control centres automatically for example by the TRONCAL communication system, allowing decision makers to directly send forces to the respective area. SISFRON also comprises a library, which allows the sensors to “learn” new signatures, thus minimising the number of false positives. The initial implementation at selected border sections in the state of Mato Grosso da Sul produced promising results, the company assured during FIDAE.

SISFRON already aroused interest in other regions, for example a delegation of several Arab states inspected the solution in February this year.
Alexander Kolberg