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30 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: Finmeccanica Watching C4I Modernisation programmes of the Chilean Army with Interest

Finmeccanica  arrives  in  Chile having  recently  announced  that  it  has  chosen “Leonardo”  as  its  new name. Latin America is a key market for Finmeccanica’s growth strategy in the short to medium term.  In the aeronautics  sector,  Finmeccanica  has  an  important  presence in Latin  America thanks  to  a solid industrial  partnership  established  in  the  early  70’s  with  Brazil  through  the  AMX  programme. 

In  Brazil, the GRIPEN  E,  the  new  generation  fighter  aircraft  ordered  by  the Brazilian Air Force (FAB),  are  equipped with the state-of-the-art RAVEN ES-05  AESA  radar,  with  an  innovative  passive  IR  system,  a  self-protection  devices  and  a  IFF (Identification-Friend-or-Foe) system, all supplied by Finmeccanica.

The  AW139 and the  AW189 have recently  been acquired  in Columbia,  in the  Oil  &  Gas  field,  following past  successes  in  Brazil  in the same sector  and there  is  good  feedback  for  the  operations  of  the multirole AW139  in Trinidad  and  Tobago and of  the AW119  Koalas  for  the  Police of  the Brazilian States,  active today  in Brasilia,  Santa Catarina,  Rio Grande  do  Sul  and  Alagoas.  For  the  future there are strong prospects in the area for the multirole AW139 and for fire-fighting capabilities of the AW119.  

FIDAE  Air  Show hosts the  Peruvian Air  Force C-27J,  one  of  14  customers  across  the world that ordered  the new-generation  medium tactical airlifter.  The C-27J  SPARTAN was  chosen by  Peru  for its  ability  to operate safely  and efficiently  and at  competitive cost  in  all  operational  scenarios  of  the  Latin  American country,  including take-off/landing on the high altitude unprepared,  strips, of the Andes and at the many local airports. 

In the area of  training,  with over  50  years’  experience  in pilot  training,  Finmeccanica has  developed an integrated training  system  already  selected by  several  customers,  which  includes  the  Aermacchi  M-346 twin-engine jet, the mission simulators, the mission support system, instruments for academic training,  in  addition to  those  for  training  management,  all  fully  integrated  and  capable  of interconnecting  ground simulators  with the  flying  aircraft  during training  missions.  The new  M-345 HET  (High Efficiency  Trainer) trainer  aircraft  is  the  most  recent  solution offered by  Finmeccanica  for  the  basic-advanced phase of  pilot training,  a leading,  cost-effective solution as  it  has  all  the advantages  of  the typical  performance of  a  jet, while its operational costs are comparable to those of a propeller trainer aircraft.

Finmeccanica  has  contributed  to  improving  the  security  of  the  Chilean  Armed  Forces,  providing  them with leading-edge electronic  systems  and sensors.  Among the main systems:  Tactical  communication systems  for  the Army,  optical  sensors  for  the  Navy  Frigates  and radars  for  the Air  Force. 

During FIDAE, Finmeccanica showcases new-generation technologies, such as  the E-Scan radar  system  Seaspray and  the  SkyISTAR  system,  a  solution  for  patrolling  missions,  able  to  react  to  several  threats ranging  from  terrorist  attacks  to  illegal  immigration,  to the protection  of  exclusive economic  zones.

Finmeccanica  is  watching the  C4I  (Command,  Control,  Communications,  Computers,  and Intelligence)  modernisation  programmes  of  the  Chilean  Army with interest,  and  is  promoting  its  own  technologies  in this field.