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30 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: Insitu Details Market Opportunities

The Colombian Air Force has been flying the Insitu SCANEAGLE since 2006, informed Insitu executives at FIDAE. Being well established in Colombia, the information gathered from the unmanned system has brought the FARC to the table. According to the company, the Colombian Navy is getting one system in the near future.  As for more future prospects, Insitu sees opportunities Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

At the show, recently acquired old time partner 2d3 Sensing, an agile commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology provider specialising in the improvement, processing, exploitation, and dissemination of motion imagery and metadata, introduced a 3D modeling capability as part of the latest release of its enterprise full motion video (FMV) PED (Processing Exploitation Dissemination) software suite that extracts information from imagery captured by airborne surveillance systems.

Insitu’s suite of motion imagery software provides the capabilities operators and analysts need to effectively process and manage FMV for tactical ISR operations – from enhancing and improving image quality, to extracting and sharing GEOINT data. This latest capability leverages the company’s long history in the field of computer vision to accomplish 3D scene reconstruction based on a video sequence or a set of still images. The modeling tool can generate a 3D reconstruction from uncalibrated sensors within minutes, a differentiator in this competitive field. Users can then leverage these models to facilitate tactical planning by providing better target understanding and situational awareness.

Part of this is the TacitView workstation, designed to maximise an analyst’s productivity by providing powerful FMV PED tools. WIth an intuitive user
interface, TacitView enables the next-generation PED experience, bringing advanced analytics to the desktop. From visual enhancement to georegistration, TacitView constructs interpretable metadata-rich media in ‘your time’ and according to your workflow. Integrated with CATALINA media server, used as a stand-alone application, or connected to other third party software systems – TacitView offers a host of capabilities that transform imagery into actionable intelligence