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31 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: Rafael Showcases SPIKE Family

At FIDAE 2016 Rafael presents its SPIKE family of multi-purpose, tactical missiles. With over 24 customers and 22,000 missiles sold around the world, the SPIKE family consists of missiles suited for land, air and naval platforms, multiple ranges and a variety of targets. The missiles in this family have a tandem warhead and sophisticated electro-optic (EO) CCD and IIR sensors for day/night all-weather operation. The missiles' lofted trajectories enable the warhead to strike the target at its most vulnerable location with pinpoint precision. The SPIKE family members have a low life-cycle cost due to their high reliability, operational and logistic support and production commonality between members.

SPIKE NLOS is an EO guided multipurpose missile for ranges of up to 30km with pinpoint accuracy and midcourse navigation. The weapon system can be launched from land, air and naval platforms.
With high reliability and ease of use, SPIKE NLOS delivers maximum operational flexibility with minimal life-cycle cost, according to the company.
The SPIKE-ER Multi-Purpose Missile System for Combat Vehicles, Helicopters and Naval Vessels is an extended-range, multi-purpose anti-armour missile system designed for operation from various platforms, including helicopters, fast boats and combat vehicles. It can also be mounted on a tripod for ground operation. SPIKE-ER is capable of defeating targets at a range of up to eight kilometers. SPIKE-ER features a day and night seeker, tandem warhead, and retains the dual operation modes of SPIKE - Fire and Forget, as well as Fire and Observe and Update. This enables the gunner to switch between targets after launch, avoid friendly fire, conduct surveillance/damage assessment and attack hidden targets. SPIKE-ER additionally features a Fire and Steer mode, in which the gunner can launch the missile without pre-locking onto the target and manually steer it to the target (LOAL). SPIKE-ER can be equipped with a variety of warheads for a broad range of combat scenarios including, urban settings, anti-terror missions and low-intensity conflicts.

SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR are lightweight, 4th generation, man-portable missile systems that share many of the same features that combine to meet the challenges presented by enemy forces. High hit probability against stationary and moving targets is provided by a state-of-the-art CCD / IIR seeker, for operation during day and night and in adverse weather conditions, and an advanced tracker and precision guidance system. Their lofted trajectories for top attack enable the warhead to strike the target at its most vulnerable location with pinpoint precision. SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR deliver maximum performance for urban combat, traditional battlefields, ground support and special missions. SPIKE-MR operates in Fire and Forget mode with autonomous medium-range target engagement up to 2500m. SPIKE-LR has Fire and Forget and Fire and Update capability, and can engage targets at up to 5000m. Both missiles can be fired from an enclosure. SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR feature a fiber optic data communication link that provides the gunner with the unique ability to attack hidden targets, update or switch to a more valuable target after launch, achieve pinpoint precision, avoid friendly fire, conduct surveillance/damage assessment, and obtain real-time tactical intelligence. SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR share the same command launch unit (CLU), thermal sight (TS) and identical missile technology. Both systems offer many of the same benefits, including high survivability, pinpoint accuracy and low life-cycle costs.

Rafael also presents these systems at the Israel Pavilion, Stand D09:
TROPHY HV combat-proven Active Protection System for armoured vehicles.
SPIKE Family - Multi-Purpose, Tactical, Guided-Missile Systems for ranges of up to 30 kilometres.
SPYDER SR/MR – Family of Short and Medium Range Air Defence systems using the i-DERBY and PYTHON-5 missiles.
PYTHON-5 - Full sphere air-to-air IR missile and air defence missile.
I-DERBY - Beyond-Visual-Range, SDR seeker, air-to-air and air defence missile.
I-DERBY ER - Innovative active radar air-to-air missile. The missile incorporates the innovative I-DERBY software-defined RF seeker, combined with a unique increase of kinematic performance, with ranges of up to 100 kilometres.
C-DOME - Active Air Defence for ships and other naval and land assets.
SEA SPOTTER - Naval IR Staring and Tracking system (IRST).
LITENING 5 - New generation navigation and targeting pod featuring advanced high-resolution sensors for effective stand-off identification and targeting.
SPICE 250 - Stand-off air-to-ground gliding bomb based on Rafael's unique scene-matching technology for precise hits at ranges of up to 100 kilometres.
WISDOM STONE - an intelligence analysis support system for automatic analysis of enormous amounts of data.
CYBER DOME - End-to-end holistic Cyber defense solution.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #03/2016, available at the show at Pavilion E, Stand 13; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.