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30 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: Rockwell Collins Supporting Technology in Challenging Environments

At FIDAE, Rockwell Collins is exhibiting the company’s avionics solutions for tanker, transport, maritime patrol, and trainer aircraft, along with the latest networked communication capabilities for commercial and business aviation, military, perimeter protection and flight support solutions and services.

In Pavilion E, Stand 1 and Pavilion F, Brazil pavilion, the company features globally proven avionics, communications and information management solutions in its booth that include:

Pro Line Fusion integrated flight deck—leveraging commercial flight decks for military transport and training aircraft
Flight2 integrated flight deck—military missionised flight decks ideal for military cargo and coastal surveillance/patrol aircraft

Virtual Avionics Procedures Trainer—aircrew procedural training using actual aircraft Avionics systems

TruNet Networked Communications Solution—mission customised air-ground-sea networks

HF Cellular and Wideband HF—assured, all-terrain, long range, high bandwidth communications capabilities ideal for interoperable military forces communications, disaster relief, and border-protection

SubNet Relay—ad hoc networking for maritime operations

Patrol Persistent Surveillance System—remotely monitored security threat surveillance, alert and access control system

ARINCDirectSM—comprehensive flight support and connectivity services for military aviation.

At the show, MT learned that the company has demonstrated an HF Cellular system, which augments existing HF radio connection reliability and quality, to the Brazilian Armed Forces in the Amazon Jungle environment.

Establishing reliable and secure long distance communications in remote areas of the Amazon region is a challenge for the Armed Forces. According to Rockwell Collins, this HF Cellular system has demonstrated the capability to augment the existing HF infrastructure, allowing troops to connect with command centers more than 2,400km away using their existing manpack HF platoon radios.

Rockwell Collins also demonstrated the ability to not only provide voice and data transmisiions but to also provide real time position reporting in the Amazon region. Rockwell Collins strongly believes that the HF Cellular technology can provide significant benefits to other countries in the region, offering a proven solution that will help fill the gap of beyond line of sight communications and position reporting in challenging environments such as remote jungle areas, for both military and disaster relief support operations.