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30 March 2016

FIDAE 2016:RUAG ARANEA Brings Tactical Communications to Latin America

At FIDAE 2016, RUAG Defence is taking a solution based approach to its Tactical Communications (TACOM) with RUAG ARANEA to guarantee communication, fast and digital. Both military and civil organisations are struggling with the same problems of establish communications quickly and reliably across multiple networks and different communication protocols. RUAG ARANEA solves this problem through the creation of an all-IP Broadband
network that links together the technology and the devices of the past with that of the present and the future. Based on the Swiss’ experience in C4ISTAR, solutions are tailored for each customer individually to meet their specific needs of speed, connectivity and mobility. A suit of applications including Voice (radio and telephony), data, messaging and video are then available for the customer to maximise the efficiency of their network from the “All in One” solution of the RUAG ARANEA. As an accomplished upgrader and vehicle expert RUAG Defence is able to integrate the RUAG ARANEA inside any tracked or wheeled vehicle.