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21 March 2016

Italian Type U212A Submarine ROMEO ROMEI Starts Sea Trials

Having successfully completed shore tests and acceptance trials during the construction and outfitting phase, the ROMEO ROMEI submarine started a series of sea trials in the Gulf of La Spezia on 2 March 2016. The boat is the fourth type U212A submarine of a joint programme with Germany; it was launched in July 2015 and is due to be commissioned by year-end.

The ROMEO ROMEI, the Italian Navy’s fourth and latest Type U212A, heads to sea for its initial trials. (Photo: Italian Navy)

The submarine, built by Fincantieri, has now entered the final outfitting phase, and according to the Italian Navy has been conducting a series of intensive sea trials, with a view to its delivery and concomitant entry into service, scheduled for autumn this year.

ROMEO ROMEI will be manned by a 27-person crew, has a surface displacement of 1,509t, an overall length of 55.9m, a maximum diameter of 7m, and can exceed 16kt underwater. It is equipped with sensors enabling long-range 3D detection (above, on and beneath the surface of the sea), leveraging high concealment and featuring cutting-edge telecommunication systems, which provide effective underwater surveillance. For example it will be equipped with CALLISTO, a communication system developed by Gabler Maschinenbau, which allows to maintain continuous communication during deep submerged operations while maintaining manoeuvrability.
The type 212A submarines originally were developed by a consortium of Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft Kiel (HDW – TKMS) and Nordseewerke Emden (NSWE).

Alexander Kolberg