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24 March 2016

Kelvin Hughes SharpEye Radars for Royal Oman Police Coast Guard

Kelvin Hughes, a world leader in the design and supply of navigation and security surveillance systems, has been contracted by Rodman Polyships to supply X and S band SharpEye radar systems for a range of new vessels being supplied to the Royal Oman Police Coast Guard (ROPCG).


With its advanced target detection capability, the solid-state SharpEye radar provides great levels of maritime situational awareness. Through the Doppler processing of the radar returns, SharpEye can identify objects with a low Radar Cross Section (RCS), from semi-submersed objects to the smallest of uncooperative craft, even in the most severe of weather conditions. Moreover, the radar’s low power output reduces the probability of detection by ESM equipment and, with no magnetron involved, offers significant through-life cost benefits. Maintenance requirements are reduced to a minimum and there is no need for any formally qualified radar engineer on-board.

When equipped with SharpEye, with its greatdetection performance, the vessels will be ideally suited to patrol the full extent of the Omani coastline which runs for some 1,700km from the Strait of Hormuz in the north to the borders of the Republic of Yemen in the south-west.

Reflecting the reputation of Rodman Polyships, particularly in the GCC countries, this is the fourth time that the ROPCG has commissioned new boats from the company’s Spanish shipyard. Deliveries will begin this year and continue into early 2017.

Kelvin Hughes will be showcasing its latest naval and coastguard radar products including SharpEye solid state navigation and surface search radar at DIMDEX 2016 in Qatar, 29-31 March, where our maritime sister magazine NAVAL FORCES is publishing the Show Daily.